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American Idol Season Finale, May 23 May 24, 2007

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Tuesday’s recap: Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis performed three songs apiece — their own personal favorite, one they hadn’t performed on the show and the winner of “Idol’s” first-ever song writing contest. It was called the most evenly-matched “Idol” finale to date.

Wednesday: What a cram-packed show it was! If you were one of the 160 million people watching, you know that after two hours of performance fillers, Jordin was named American Idol for season six.

The evening was filled with performances by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Green Day, Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson, Joe Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard, Barry B and Doug E. Fresh, Tony Bennett, BeBe and CiCi Winans, Carrie Underwood, Bette Middler, African Children’s Choir and the top 12 Idols from this season.

More than 3,000 people packed the Kodak Theater. Lots of famous faces and former “Idol” contestants could be spotted in crowd as well.

Although the show was so very long, there were enough commercial breaks to allow me to move around. Everyone wants to advertise on America’s No. 1 show, I guess. I wonder how much an advertising spot cost?

Ryan Seacrest presented three lucky — maybe I should say desperate — people with “Golden Idols” from the first round of auditions earlier in the season. I say desperate because they had to have agreed to come on the show to accept the awards, if that’s even the right word. The categories were Best Presentation, Most Original Vocal and Best Buddies.

Best presentation went to Margaret Fowler. You remember — the lady who dressed like a fowl in her yellow BIG Bird outfit. She kissed Ryan right on the lips Wednesday, knocking him to the ground. She is about three times his size, which really doesn’t say much.

Most original vocal went to Sholandric Stallworth. I didn’t remember him until I saw him. He sang with an extremely loud, but not nice, voice that really carries. Ryan asked him to sing without a mic on stage — and he did. The people in the rafters said they could hear him.

The Best Buddies award went to the odd couple of Jonathan and Kenneth. They were the two that met in line at an audition. One was pretty heavy, while the other was small. The smaller one had huge eyes, and Simon called him a Bush Baby. They showed a picture of a Bush Baby while he was on stage. It was not nice, but oh so funny.

The whole Golden Idols thing was one big exploitation, but, hey, they agreed to be subjected to it. Jonathan and Kenneth ate it up.

Clive Davis made an appearance, presenting Carrie Underwood with an award for selling her six millionth album, which is huge, being she just broke out last year. I could see dollar signs in his eyes as he spoke of the many Idols he has helped launch careers for. It’s unreal how much money this man is probably making off these talents.

Sweet, sweet Sanjaya. You know he was there, hair and all. They did a parody comparing him to great leaders and ground breakers like John F. Kennedy, Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. It was a joke, obviously. I really hope he gets it. But I really don’t think he does.

We’re laughing at you, Sanjaya, not with you.

He performed with Joe Perry. I felt sorry for Joe. First, he has to take second stage to Steven Tyler, now Sanjaya with his hair blowing in the fan? Poor guy. It’s OK, though — Joe Perry later got a chance to play his guitar with a real singer — Kelly Clarkson.

At the end, all the former “Idol” contestants performed a tribute to Sergeant Pepper, which was very cool.

Episode grade: B+

Final thoughts: Bring on season seven!

— Stalked by Stephanie Schell



1. Extra P. - May 24, 2007

This episode pissed me off. First the ep ran long and my TIVO cut it off right before Ryan made the announcement, and second, there was way, way too much filler with the group songs. Many of the guests were uninspired, but my opinion of Kelly Clarkson went up about 100 points, and it was already pretty high.

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