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Entourage, Season Finale, June 3 June 4, 2007

Posted by showstalkers in Entourage.

June 3rd Episode: “Adios Amigos”—3rd Season FinaleLast time, Vince was about to make a cool $60 million by sleeping with the wife of a rich prince. Apparently, Vince turned down a hot girl for the first time in the history of the show, and he and Vince must now find a new financier for “Medellin.” Luckily, Ari calls with the news that Nick Rubenstein has just gotten access to his enormous trust fund and is eager to make a picture.

The boys have sold the house to help with the movie, which leaves them at a crossroads. E has Sloan to fall back on, and Vince can afford a hotel for as long as he needs one. But Turtle and Drama are forced to go apartment shopping. After checking out some dives, Drama gets a call from Shauna Roberts, Vince’s publicist, demanding that he find a place that will not reflect badly on Vince. Drama and Turtle head to Beverly Hills.

Nick Rubenstein is willing to spend $25 million, not near the budget the studio had estimated. E thinks they need to find a director who has a vision and can stretch a dollar. Billy Walsh, who directed Vince in “Queen’s Boulevard,” is the obvious choice. Unfortunately, Walsh, who’s always been a little crazy, is now directing porn. However, they manage to convince the high-strung auteur to commit.

Drama falls in love with a condo that’s way out of his price range. Acting on a whim and the hopes that “Five Towns” will become the next “Seinfeld,” Drama spends $1.5 million.

The trials of producing immediately put a strain on E and Sloan’s relationship, and things get worse when Walsh demands more money from Rubenstein. After an agreement that includes Walsh gets final cut, the boys celebrate. But bad news comes when Walsh decides his first act as director is to shoot the whole movie in Spanish.

Best Part: Vince and E’s visit to Walsh’s new porn day job is the most insane set the show has ever shot on. There are several naked chicks, taking the show’s reputation for highlighting its female extras to new levels. There is also a naked male midget. ’Nuff said.

Drama Quote of the Week: “Viking Quest convention, ’99, a guy from Orlando offered me $50 to photograph me banging his wife while wearing my Tarvold costume.”

Ari Quote of the Week: “They shot ‘King Kong’ in New Zealand but that monkey still climbed the Empire State Building.”

Grade: This was a mixed bag. As a season finale, it was pretty weak. The mini-finale from earlier in the season was much better. But the return of Walsh as a high-profile character was well worth the wait. Ari wasn’t very busy, which is always a shame. B.

In Two Weeks: It’s extremely weird that the fourth season starts two weeks after the third ended, but welcome to the new HBO way of doing things. What’s even weirder is the supposed format for the season premiere. It’s reportedly a behind-the-scenes documentary with commentary by Ari, with plenty of fourth-wall breakage.

All of this seems to be confirmed by the sneak preview HBO gave. Whatever — I’m game for anything that can bring freshness after the at-times disappointing second half of Season 3. Anyway, E and Walsh predictably clash on the set. Vince deals with impending bankruptcy. Drama and Turtle chill on set in Colombia.

— Stalked by David Carrier



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