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Entourage, June 24 June 26, 2007

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June 24th Episode: “The First Cut is the Deepest”

Vince and the boys arrive back in the states after shooting “Medellin,” ready and eager to get back into the normal swing of things. As part of the welcome back, Drama and Turtle plan a party at Drama’s new condo.

E is anxious to line up another job for Vince but Ari alerts the duo to a looming dilemma: Walsh hasn’t shown the movie to anyone. The best offer Vince has on the table is playing Jughead in an “Archie” live-action. The public has to see “Medellin,” and it has to be good.

E and Vince track down Walsh, who’s holed up in an abandoned warehouse filled with strips of film hanging from the rafters, and demand to see the first cut. Walsh is acting more eccentric than usual, including wearing the reel can around his neck, and he ultimately bolts the warehouse on his motorcycle, denying the boys their screening.

Drama’s OCD comes to the forefront during the preparations for Vince’s party. He removes the chandeliers so no one can swing off them. He puts out a basket for people’s shoes so they can’t sully his new carpet. But the kicker is the combo lock on the bathroom and the portable toilets in the hallway.

Ari and his wife have problems of their own. Their son, Jonah, hit another student with a ruler during a school evaluation. Now, Jonah may not be allowed into the private school despite the $200,000 in tuition Ari pays for his daughter to attend. Ari goes on a mini-tirade before the headmaster tells him that the reason Jonah will not be allowed to attend is Ari himself. The cursing at soccer games and the constant bad attitude have caught up with Ari.

Vince and E make a brief appearance at Drama’s party, and the shindig eventually moves to Vince’s hotel room. Once there, Drama’s nervousness about the guest’s cleanliness goes away, even as Anthony Michael Hall pees off the balcony and everyone is thrown out.

Walsh finally gives Vince and E a look at the movie. They both tell Walsh it’s amazing. However, on the ride home E tells Vince he lied to Walsh. E thinks “Medellin” sucks.

Ari Quote of the Week: “I teach my son to never let people just take things from him. It’s my Israeli blood.”

Best Part: I’ve been patiently waiting for a high-profile, memorable cameo to show up, and that bastion of 1980s teen movies, Anthony Michael Hall, delivered it. Hall did exactly what I imagine he does in real life: He showed up, mumbled something, and then peed off a balcony. Classic.

Grade: One of the better episodes in recent memory. I loved the moments with Ari and his wife, which showed more of their personal relationship than we’ve seen before. Rhys Coiro, the guy who plays Billy Walsh, is becoming more and more a star player in the series and he should be nominated for an Emmy for his work in the last two episodes. A-.

Next Week: Walsh submits “Medellin” to the Cannes Film Festival, despite the work E thinks needs to be done to it. Ari suggests selling it to a major company based on the strength of a great trailer. Drama runs into an old flame.

— Stalked by David Carrier



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