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Entourage – ‘Malibooty’ (July 1 episode) July 5, 2007

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Sundays, 10:00, HBO

During breakfast at Drama’s, where all the boys are now living, E decides to visit Walsh to discuss some changes he thinks need to made to “Medellin.” Drama has good news. He met an old flame, Donna (played by Lisa Rinna), who just happens to have a hot friend that supposedly gave Charlie Sheen the time of his life. Drama and Turtle go to meet them, with Vince in tow. On the ride to Malibu, Vince strikes up a conversation with a brunette in a convertible and ends up going his separate way to another beach house for some afternoon fun.

E’s meeting with Walsh does not go well. Walsh submitted “Medellin” to the Cannes Film Festival without any cuts. E panics. He doesn’t think the film will make it in without serious alterations. Ari suggests selling the movie to Harvey Weingard, the thinly veiled Harvey Weinstein character from Season 2, so they can cut the movie to their liking.

Vince’s day goes from memorable to legendary when the brunette takes him to Dennis Hopper’s house. Vince talks Hollywood with Hopper, and the two go in on a soccer bet for $100,000. Apparently, Hopper loves soccer.

Donna’s friend, the one that’s interested in Turtle, turns out to be a real barker. But after much begging from Drama, Turtle decides to take one for the team. When both girls guarantee the boys they’re sure things, the foursome head for the nearest hot tub.

While Vince’s adventures in soccer gambling hits a rough patch, E visits Harvey. The foul-mouthed mogul decides to buy “Medellin” based on the strength of a trailer Walsh gave E.

In the hot tub, Donna pulls a 180 and takes Turtle to bed instead of Drama, leaving the older Chase mortified. Back at the house E tells Vince about Harvey’s $25 million offer. Continuing with the reversal-of-fortune theme this episode seemed to have, Vince tells E Cannes accepted “Medellin,” and that they shouldn’t sell it yet.

Ari Quote of the Week: “Walsh is your boy. You gave him final cut, even though I begged you not to. Now you have to live with it. Or kill him. Actually, that’s a good idea. Kill him, then kill yourself. Could you imagine the outpouring of love and sympathy when Vince loses both of you. I could have him back on top in three months.”

Best Part: I thought the scenes with Dennis Hopper were weak, which is weird considering it’s Dennis Hopper. Instead, I’d have to say the hot tub scene was the best, especially when Turtle leaves with Donna, and Drama gets his pants ripped off by the she-monster.

Grade: This was an excellent episode. From the return of Harvey to the scenes with E and Ari, every moment echoed the greatness the series had years ago. It seems that this fourth season is going places. And with the looming disaster with Harvey on the way, it could get exciting. A.

Next Week: E is forced to tell Harvey they won’t be traveling to Cannes together. Drama takes the mayor of Beverly Hills out for a night on the town, in the hope that he can get a 90210 zip code.

– Stalked by David Carrier



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