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Entourage, July 8 July 9, 2007

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July 8th Episode: “Sorry, Harvey”

E and Ari have a heated conversation about how to confront Harvey Weingard over their decision not to sell “Medellin.” E decides to tell Harvey himself, despite the producer’s notorious behavior.

Ari arrives at a cemetery to meet M. Night Shyamalan. Ari’s there to receive the new, highly top-secret script for Night’s next movie. The auteur demands Ari read the script that night and be ready for a quiz in the morning. Night even had Ari’s name printed largely on every page, in case the script should happen to end up in the wrong hands.

Drama, Turtle and Vince hatch a plan to get Drama’s new condo a 90210 address. By taking out the mayor of Beverly Hills, a balding, overweight schmuck, and getting him laid, they think they can secure an annexation.

E’s dinner with Harvey does not go so well. Harvey berates the servers, threatens to kill a former assistant two tables over, and generally acts like an insane person. E, whose pride will not allow him to admit he’s afraid of Harvey, starts to break under the pressure of delivering the bad news. E calls Vince and demands that he help. E and Harvey leave to meet Vince and the boys at the nightclub.

Drama manages to find a hot girl for the mayor, making it seem like the plan will work. However, a bouncer at the club has some disturbing news for the gang. The leggy gal with the mayor is actually a post-op transsexual. Drama sucks it up and tells the mayor. The mayor says he’s doesn’t care what she’s got under that dress, and that Drama will still get his new zip code.

E finally admits he’s scared of Harvey. Luckily, Harvey gets thrown out of the bar before anyone has to tell him about “Medellin.” Drama, perhaps feeling the vibe of telling the truth, decides to blurt out to Harvey, while he’s being dragged away, that he’ll have to bid for the movie at Cannes, just like everyone else.

After dinner with the wife, Ari drives the wrong Lexus home, a product of a valet mix-up. This forces him to drive an hour away to get his car, and the Night script, back. On the way home, Ari gets caught going 140 down the highway and spends the night in jail. Night is there at the agency in the morning, just as promised. But this time the director has a new version of the script that he demands Ari read, right then and there.

The morning after Drama’s triumph over the forces of zoning districts, Turtle finds something interesting on the Internet. TMZ.com caught part of the mayor’s late-night adventures, most notably his girl’s male genitalia, via a Britney Spears-esque in-car leg spread. Drama’s new address might have to wait on an incoming media storm.

Drama Quote of the Week: “That Barbie might be a Ken. She has balls, Your Honor. Transformer. Hermaphrodite. Something ain’t right.”

Best Part: Although I really dislike the guy’s movies and general attitude, I have to admit M. Night Shyamalan was pretty clutch as a guest star. He poked fun at himself, which is always a nice, and funny, thing for celebs to do.

Grade: I suspect this was an episode designed to break up the overall story of the season. It was fluff, but that doesn’t, however, mean it wasn’t funny or memorable. And it goes down as the first “Entourage” episode to include full-frontal male nudity. A first, even if it was kind of crazy. B+.

Next Week: Drama tries to get a prescription for medical marijuana, just so he can get a stylish trucker hat from a hip weed bar. E and Walsh butt heads over a leaked “Medellin” trailer. Ari meets with Dana Gordon about a new movie for Vince, but an existing offer with some unnamed high-profile star causes Ari and Lloyd to do some dirty work.

— Stalked by David Carrier



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no ari quote of the week?

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