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Entourage, July 22 July 25, 2007

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July 22nd Episode: “The WeHo Ho”

Vince and Eric ponder “Lost in the Clouds,” a mountain-climbing movie pitched by Dana Gordon, former VP of productions at Warner Bros. The current deal includes the entire “Medellin” team, right down to Walsh directing and E producing. E has had his fill of the madman director, especially since Walsh accused him of leaking the “Medellin” trailer on YouTube.

Ari uses his agenting powers to at least mend the relationship to speaking terms. However, he has a much larger problem at the agency. Lloyd’s boyfriend, a Finish Line salesman named Tom, has left him. Lloyd, an emotional wreck, declares a leave of absence until he can get his boyfriend back. Ari loses it, too, thinking about how hard his job will be without the watchful eye and constant support of Lloyd.

Walsh and the boys visit Gordon to discuss “Lost in the Clouds.” Despite Walsh’s antics, Gordon like him. But during the meeting, E’s fury builds.

Ari takes matter into his own hands by visiting Tom at Finish Line, pleading for the estranged couple to get back together. Tom tells Ari Lloyd cheated on him. Ari, ever quick on his feet, covers for Lloyd, saying the two were at the “Bourne Ultimatum” premiere on the night in question. Another problem solved.

Drama and Turtle head out to meet Turtle’s cousin, Ronnie, a fellow with a notorious past. Ronnie has a history of shady business deals that always turn to gold. Turtle and Drama look to get in on the latest scheme. Ronnie lays it out for them: A game-worn Sandy Koufax jersey is up for sale, and Ronnie has inside information that Koufax is on his deathbed. Insuring them the jersey will soon triple in value, Ronnie gets the duo to agree to put up half the money.

At the auction, Ronnie has a sudden change of heart and backs out, leaving Drama to take over the entire $62,000 price tag. While picking up the jersey, the auctioneer tells Drama Sandy couldn’t make it himself because his dog has been sick for the last month. Sandy, though, is in perfect health. Drama is livid.

Back at the office, Ari tries to finish the deal for Vince. E decides to sit out as producer because of his hatred for Walsh. Still, E voices his concerns that Vince shouldn’t do the movie. Vince, however, goes against the advice of his newly-returned manager and tells Ari yes.

Best Part: The lengths that Ari goes to insure Lloyd’s return provide valuable insight into the character. Who knew he could care so much?

Ari Quote of the Week: “No, I don’t tell you what I like. My old assistant is supposed to tell you what I like, and then he is supposed to seamlessly train you so that the only change in my life comes when I have to write out a Christmas bonus. Get out of here, Glen. Anywhere but here, or I will kill you. I only want Lloyd and I will get him myself.”

Grade: The scenes with Ari and Lloyd were as good as anything in the history of the series. The rest of the episode, however, was pretty stale. And I thought the Sandy Koufax dying angle was unnecessarily morbid. Still, the episode flew by and it was funny most of the time. B-.

By the way, “Entourage” has been nominated for seven Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor for Jeremy Piven (Ari), and Outstanding Supporting Actor for Kevin Dillon (Drama).

Next Week: Drama and Vince make a bet on Turtle’s and Eric’s love lives. Ari and the wife deal with sending their son to public school.

— Stalked by David Carrier



1. msg - July 27, 2007

awesome review. Not that it matters in anyway because the comment section to this blog never seems to have any feedback or responses, but i think that vince’s quote should be mentioned about ari and lloyd: “do they fuck?”

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