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Entourage, July 29 August 1, 2007

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July 29th Episode: “The Day F**kers”

At Urth Café, the boys discuss E’s constant tendency to fall in love. Drama claims it’s impossible for E to have unemotional sex. Vince makes the bet that E can get a girl in bed before Turtle. Drama lays down $5,000 that Turtle can get the deed done before E.

Vince and E head off to a hotel pool for afternoon drinks, hoping that Vince’s celebrity status will help seal the deal. They meet a pair of English girls that are stateside to promote their linen business. After Vince leaves to have sex with the company’s owner, a stunning blonde named Juliet, E stays and has a conversation with Heather, the company’s top sales rep.

Drama’s plan to get Turtle laid is much less sophisticated. He searches Craigslist.org, a San Francisco-based, eBay-type Web site where people offer anything. They come across an entry for a “short, cuddly, twenty-something to fulfill fantasy.” Turtle calls the number and the girl, Kelsey, agrees to meet him.

Ari drops his daughter off at the private school, where she stayed enrolled despite her father’s wishes, and he has a run-in with the head administrator, Andrew Preston. Ari’s son has been turned down by every private school in the city, and Ari believes Preston has something to do with it. In retaliation, Ari hires a investigator to follow Preston and try to dig up some dirt.

Back poolside, E and Heather are getting along reasonably well until Sloan shows up. The former couple share a few awkward moments and E leaves. Back at the house, he calls Sloan. She reminds him that he was away for nine months — six in Colombia and three in Paris — and that they are broken up. E wants to have dinner. Sloan says she’s met someone.

Turtle meets Kelsey, another stunning blonde (played, I’m pretty sure, by Travis Barker’s wife), and she wants him to pick up something at the dry cleaners and meet her that night. The item that Turtle and Drama pick up at the cleaners is a large, pink, fuzzy bunny suit. Drama lets Turtle in on his knowledge of the Furry community. Furries, in case you might not know, are a subculture of people who enjoy dressing up like animals.

Ari can’t find any suitable blackmail material on Preston. Instead, he has a revelation. He wants to be a model father. He goes to Preston’s house and pours out his heart, explaining he wants his son to have a proper education and to not be punished for something his father did. Preston explains he has a son working in the mailroom at one of the smaller agencies. The two fathers make an agreement: Preston’s son will have a desk at Miller Gold come Monday, and Ari’s kid will be attending private school.

A race to win the bet is on. E decides to sleep with Heather after his conversation with Sloan. Turtle and Drama arrive at Kelsey’s house, but Turtle can’t go through with wearing the bunny suit. Drama grabs the suit and says if he’s losing $5,000, then at least he’s going to get him some. The last shot, a special treat even by “Entourage” standards, is a full-on, rabbit-on-squirrel sex scene.

Best Part: Ari’s emotional scene with Preston is indicative of the greatness of Jeremy Piven, and here’s to hoping he’ll win a second consecutive Emmy for the role. But a Furry sex scene is just too great.

Drama Quote of the Week: “That’s not mean. ‘Mean’ is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I [had anal sex with her].”

Ari Quote of the Week: “No questions, Lloyd. Not until you stop dressing like Paula Poundstone.”

Grade: This may be my favorite episode ever. Definitely the funniest. Everybody was on their A-game, pitching jokes left and right that never missed. And it had the perfect mix of dramatic elements, with the Ari plot, which genuinely tugged at the heartstrings. A+.

Next Week: E starts his own management company, and Vince and Drama want to buy him an antique desk. Unfortunately the desk already has been sold. Because the episode is named “Gary’s Desk,” I assume former multiple-time guest star Gary Busey is the purchaser. Ari welcomes Mary J. Blige to Miller Gold for her annual meet-and-greet, but he has to deal with firing someone on the same day.

— Stalked by David Carrier



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