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Entourage, August 5 August 9, 2007

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August 5th Episode: “Gary’s Desk”

E sets up an office for his new management company, lamely named the Murphy Group, but Vince and the boys think the space is too small and shabby for their friend. As E begins to do his thing, Vince, Drama and Turtle vow to find him a better desk.

E’s first order as an independent talent manager is calling Peter Jackson’s video game company. E wants to get some lucrative yet easy work for Vince doing voiceovers. E’s phone call leads Jackson’s people to call Ari, demanding to know who Mr. Murphy is. This prompts Ari to call E and give him some choice advice. Shauna, Vince’s publicist, also offers some advice, including setting up an interview with “Variety” for E so he can announce his company.

Ari, meanwhile, preps the agency for the arrival of Mary J. Blige. Blige is coming for her annual meet-and-greet and, as Ari stresses, if the agents don’t impress she may just “hip and hop her way back to ICM.”

The Jensen twins, agents that have been with Ari — if only in limited exposure — from the beginning, are causing some problems around the company. Jeff Jensen slept with Jim’s wife, and they are now at each other’s throats. It’s obvious they can no longer work together. Ari looks at the numbers, realizes Jeff out-earned his brother three years running, and fires Jim, strictly as business.

Vince finds a perfect desk for E’s office. It’s an antique, and the salesperson claims it belonged to Robert De Niro. Vince agrees to buy the desk for $42,000, just before the salesperson realizes somebody forgot to pull the tag. The desk has already been sold. To Gary Busey.

E gets hoodwinked by the “Variety” reporter. Instead of a simple announcement, the piece turns into an expose on nepotism in Hollywood. Drama consoles him with the adage that there isn’t such a thing as bad press.

Vince, Turtle and Drama go to see Busey. The boys are no strangers to the legendary Hollywood madman. Busey’s shown up in the first two seasons, always with good results. Busey agrees to sell the desk, but only if Drama will participate in Busey’s latest art experiment. Drama strips down and lets a chanting Busey hurl blue paint at him.

Blige arrives and becomes distressed when she can’t find Jim. Apparently, Blige liked the twin because he always included hand-written notes with every script. When Jim shows up to collect his things, he tells Blige why Ari fired him, and wouldn’t you know it, Blige hips and hops her way back to ICM. Ari, in a fit of anger, fires Jeff as well.

After he discovers the desk won’t fit into E’s office, Vince takes E to a new building, where all the boys now have new, large offices. E reluctantly accepts the office space gift, right before he gets a call from Peter Jackson himself, wanting to set up a meeting.

Best Part: Busey was money as usual, but the show went to Peter Jackson. The once again portly director appeared in a New Zealand studio, where he was doing animation for a pirate video game. Jackson was wearing one of those suits with the little silver balls all over it, and the scene kept switching between real life and the video game animation of the scene. How cool.

Ari Quote of the Week: “If I were to cheat on my wife it’d be with a busty blonde or, you know, an Asian with pointy nipples.”

Gary Busey Quote of the Week: “ I painted George Hamilton white. I took 200 pounds off Dom DeLuise by painting him with vertical stripes.”

Grade: “Entourage” is a show in which the success relies heavily on an accurate portrayal of the Hollywood life. An easy way this has always been done is with cameos, and this episode had three excellent ones. All the regulars were good as well. While it was nowhere near as memorable as last week, it made sure to include everything any good episode requires. B+.

Next Week: E gets rear-ended by Anna Farris, which leads him to try to manage her. Mrs. Ari asks her husband if she can go back to work. Mrs. Ari’s old job was a starring role on the daytime soap “The Young and the Restless.”

— Stalked by David Carrier



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