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Entourage, August 12 August 16, 2007

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August 12th Episode: “The Young and the Stoned”

Vince moves the gang into a new $30,000-a-month mansion high up in the hills, affordable due to his large advance check for “Lost in the Clouds.” While E is trying to find the place, he gets rear-ended by Anna Faris.

E feels he has a moment with the “Scary Movie” star. Faris, fresh from doing pilates, is wearing nothing but a towel. They agree to exchange numbers for insurance purposes. When E finally makes it to the new house he tells the boys that he thought a romance may have been brewing. However, when he calls her, E finds out Faris gave him a fake number.

Turtle freaks out because his supply of medical-grade weed is all gone. Vince says there’s a secret stash left. Turtle takes off for the supermarket to buy supplies for a lunch Drama promised, taking the weed with him so Drama and Vince won’t be tempted to light up without him.

Mrs. Ari gets a call from her former employer, a producer for “The Young and the Restless.” They want Mrs. Ari to reprise her role as Kendall Scott, the town slut, for the 30th anniversary. Ari is against the idea, but Mrs. Ari goes ahead with it. When Ari finds out her scene involves kissing a young, Latin guy, he totally freaks.

E tracks down Faris at her house and gets her insurance information. She warms up to him when she finds out he manages Vince. E gives her a ride to a meeting, and along the way she asks for his opinion on a script she’s about to do. E tells her he thought the script was crap, and Faris passes on the movie. They agree to dinner.

Turtle meets three hot girls at the supermarket and they decide to join the midday fiesta at Vince’s. On the way to the house, Turtle gets pulled over and the cop smells the super-potent pot. Turtle is forced to throw the last remaining bit of the stash down a sewer. Luckily, as Turtle shows the girls after the cop leaves, he managed to slyly place it on the ledge of the drain.

Ari visits the set of “Y&R” and has a heart-to-heart with Javier, the guy Mrs. Ari is supposed to kiss, letting him know not to kiss his wife. When Javier follows orders and the director calls cut, Mrs. Ari goes crazy on Ari, and then she marches over to an unsuspecting Javier and kisses him while the cameras aren’t rolling. Ari walks out. Back home, Mrs. Ari reveals she was offered a full-time role, but as always, Ari and her family are first. The couple make up.

When the whole gang reconvenes at the mansion for some smoking and skinny dipping, E tells Vince Faris has a new manager — him. Vince says it’s interesting news.

Best Part: It’s no secret I’m in love with Perrey Reeves, the actress who plays Mrs. Ari. During the scene where Ari and she discuss “Y&R,” she strips down to her bra and panties. It was breathtaking. And she’s a good actress and all that stuff, too.

Ari Quote of the Week: “Look, Javier, I can help you, OK? You don’t want to spend the of your rest of your life having fat, middle-aged women and odd homosexual men getting off to your work, do you? You have bigger dreams. Let me tell you, as anyone in this town can tell you, I am a dream weaver. You focus on what I’m saying and I’ll have you kissing Ugly Betty by Christmas. But nobody get to kiss my wife — nobody but me.”

Grade: As the season winds down, the story of Vince’s and E’s increasing separation from each other is starting to come in to play. Now that E has another client, I expect the last three episodes to be more dramatic, which is the case with every season. This episode was mostly forgettable, except for Mrs. Ari, but like always it still managed to be funny and lively. C+.

Next Week: Walsh delivers a script for “Lost in the Clouds” that is radically different than what the studio ordered. While Ari tries to deal with the situation, E visits Anna on set and learns she’s extremely high maintenance.

— Stalked by David Carrier



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