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This is The Advocate-Messenger’s ShowStalkers page. Here, a panel of devoted television watchers share the buzz about several of prime-time’s offerings. Missed an episode? We have a recap. Wondering what the producers were thinking? Our writers have opinions — feel free to post yours, too. If you can’t find your remote, or that busy social life cuts in to quality time with the silver screen, tune in to ShowStalkers for a TV fix.

The writers and their shows are:

Wilson Garrett, Heroes

Jill Sinkclear, 24

Debbie Wagner/Krista Rinehart, Grey’s Anatomy

Hal Morris, Lost

Cort Kirkland, My Name is Earl/The Office block

Karen Ross, Desperate Housewives

Gary Moyers, Survivor

Charlie Cox, Friday Night Lights

Stephanie Schell/Kevin Duke, American Idol



1. Karen Logue - February 6, 2007

I am a Grey’s Anatomy junkie. Here I am a grown woman and I actually dream about these people as if they are my friends. Unlike other medical shows of the past, such as “ER”, these women are the best. And the men are just okay – kind of a bunch of weanies, except for George…

I think I need a Grey’s Anatomy Support Group!

2. flutieman07 - February 22, 2007

Great site!

Glad to see you all cover a lot of my favorite shows, and a lot of the shows I comment on in my blog.

3. adam - March 8, 2007

This is a terrific site, great work and thanks for the excellent heads up!

4. msg - July 16, 2007

i love this website. however, i would love more up to date reports about my favorite televisions shows like Entourage. Thanks for all the hard work!

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