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Grey’s Anatomy, Season Finale, May 17 May 18, 2007

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Last Week: Meredith struggles to take her intern exam after her father blames her for her stepmother’s death. Izzy lies to George to keep him from transferring hospitals when she claims she doesn’t love him. Callie decides she wants a baby as her fears of Izzy and George’s relationship grow. Cristina tries to focus on her exam while Burke pushes for wedding vows. Alex learns who Eva really is and McDreamy confronts what he wants from his relationship with Meredith.

“Didn’t We Almost Have it All”

This very appropriately-named season finale left all of the main characters seemingly feeling as though they truly almost had it all, only to lose something dear to them — while one character stands face-to-face with a second chance at having it all.

An “Axe”ident: Derek returns from his flirtatious encounter at Joe’s bar to learn the fourth mountain climber has been found and isn’t dead after all. While on his way to treat the climber — who was found with an axe in his head — Derek tells Meredith he met a girl and that she should be worried, not because he cheated because he didn’t but because flirting with this mystery brunette was the highlight of his week. He then throws himself into unraveling the mystery of what happened on the mountain.

The three original climbers claim the axe was unintentionally planted in their friend’s head as they all fell. But during surgery Derek discovers the axe’s wound is a clean cut and consistent with an intentional injury. It turns out one of the climbers axed his buddy to put him out of his misery.

Since the last few episodes have been packed with double entendres and hidden innuendo, we are left wondering if Derek is about to axe Meredith to put them out of their misery when he stops her on the way to the wedding. However, instead, he confesses she is the love of his life and though it hurts him immensely that she is always leaving him, he cannot end it because he’s in it for good. He instead begs her to put him out of his misery if she is not in it for keeps.

In true Meredith form, she won’t deal with this relationship and instead runs to push Cristina down the aisle.

Friends and Lovers: After listening to Burke’s heartfelt vows to Christina, Izzy decides love is too fleeting to throw it away and rushes to tell George she is in love with him despite her claims to the contrary last week. She explains he is her best friend and because she loves him she will support him and do whatever she can to make his marriage work if that is what he wants, but that she is also in love with him and hopes that he is in love with her, too.

George is unable to answer before the rest of the interns file in to change for Cristina’s wedding. Moments later, the intern exam results come in and everyone claims to have passed. But with an odd look on his face George quickly exits the room, promising to talk to Izzy at the wedding.

Baby, Baby: Callie confesses to George that despite never wanting to have kids, she is suddenly obsessed with the idea of becoming pregnant. At first reluctant, George agrees to try for a baby if that is what Callie really wants and the two waste no time as they get frisky in an on-call room.

Later, at the church, Callie seemingly can’t wait to rub it in Izzy’s face that it has been a day of emotional highs for her and George, as she was named Chief Resident and they began working on a family.

A Reason to Go: Throughout the day Webber meets with each candidate for Chief and reveals whether or not they are his pick. Sloan was the first to learn he was not the next Chief, followed by Burke.

When Addison’s number is called, she pleads with Webber to give her a reason to get up in the morning — to supply the central meaning in her life. She says she needs to be Chief so her life hasn’t been a mistake so far. Webber is unable to satisfy this wish as he explains that if she needs this job to make her life worthwhile, then she needs a different life. This is the perfect push that obviously will send her to L.A., as the “Grey’s” spin-off begins next season.

A Reason to Stay: Elsewhere in the hospital, it is Eva — or is it Rebecca? — who is looking for a reason to stay. Rebecca’s husband has come to take her and their new baby home. His reunion with Rebecca and holding his baby girl seem to make the husband suddenly aware of all that he had taken for granted before Rebecca left.

While her husband is out buying a car seat, Rebecca pleads with Alex to give her a reason to stay, saying she has every reason to go and she will but that she is more herself as Eva and with him than she has ever been as Rebecca with her husband. In typical Alex form, he pushes her away, telling her to stick with the “good guy.”

Later, at the wedding, Alex attempts to hit on Addison, who quickly pushes him away and scolds him for coming on to her when he clearly wants Rebecca. She advises him that life doesn’t give us infinite chances at happiness and Alex leaves the ceremony to go stop Rebecca — only her hospital room is, of course, empty when he arrives.

A Second Chance: After finding Adele bleeding on the bathroom floor, Webber learns she is pregnant and possibly suffering a miscarriage. Despite assuming the baby belongs to the mystery man he found Adele home with earlier in the season, Webber refuses to leave her side.

Adele tries to push him away but to no avail, as it is abundantly clear he still loves her. When she is rushed into emergency surgery, Webber is clearly on the verge of losing it and it seems he will when Addison comes out apologizing that she tried everything.

Fearing Addison is saying Adele has died Webber rushes to her side to find her alive. He offers to call the baby’s father for her but she refuses, explaining she had misjudged the father, fearing he would run if he found out but knowing now the father would stay by her side, even if she pushed him away.

Yes, it turns out Webber was the father and apparently there was never another man in Adele’s life. While dealing with this news and a possible reunion with his wife, Webber attempts to hand the reins over to Derek, who refuses them, saying he is not ready to be Chief. Derek insists Webber is the ideal candidate and that if he could do it all over again, he would do it differently. So, we are left wondering if the Chief will get a second chance at having it all.

Runaway Groom: After enduring a day of wedding preparations that included being forced to wear an heirloom choker because “she is now a Burke” and having all of her eyebrows plucked, Cristina goes to the church and becomes the beautiful bride Burke has dreamed she would be. Just before she walks down the aisle, however, she realizes that because she insisted on scrubbing in to regain a sense of self-pride, she has washed her vows off her hands and has no vows for the ceremony.

She turns to Meredith, who has been insisting all day that Cristina must go through with the wedding to prove “people like them” can end up happily ever after. Mer snaps her out of it and Christina turns to walk down the aisle.

In the meantime, Burke has come to see what the hold-up is, and despite Cristina’s insistence that she is ready, Burke tells her he can’t marry her because if he loved her and not the woman he hoped she would become, he would recognize she isn’t ready and he wouldn’t force her to do something she isn’t sure about.

Meredith breaks the news the wedding is finished to everyone, including Derek, who seems to think Cristina and Burke aren’t the only ones who are finished.

The Doctor is Out: After learning he did not pass his exam, George turns to Bailey for advice as she struggles with her own self-doubt after being passed over for Chief Resident (a story twist that makes no sense since Webber has already confessed he sees Miranda as Chief of Surgery one day). Bailey fears she has failed George in some way and he assures her he is the one who has failed her.

As he cleans out his locker, George meets the new class of interns. One intern in particular catches his eye and ours, as it is the very same brunette who hit on McDreamy in the bar. In the night’s biggest twist of fate, we learn after she introduces herself to George she is Meredith’s half-sister, Lexie Grey.

Grade: B –. A finale full of questions was delivered but these questions left us feeling none of our favorite characters would find happiness. Are things really over between McDreamy and Meredith? Where will George go? Has Alex finally let the tough front he puts up shut him out of true love? Has Izzy lost her best friend and the man of her dreams? And can Cristina handle the freedom she thought she longed for? Plus, what is it with Grey girls and Derek Shepherd?

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart


Grey’s Anatomy, May 10 May 11, 2007

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Last Week: Christina prepares herself for the big wedding Burke wants while all of the Interns study for their big exam. Meredith’s stepmom comes in with a seemingly simple problem but later dies from complications and Meredith’s dad blames her. The Izzy-Callie-George love triangle continues to tighten. Addison explores life outside Seattle Grace.

“Testing 1-2-3”

Memories: Alex continues to bond with Eva while he crams for the afternoon’s intern exam. While the two fuss over Eva’s baby, a slip of the tongue leads Alex to suspect that Eva is getting her memory back. When she resists his efforts to help her remember, Alex confronts her.

Eva finally comes clean — her name is Rebecca and she was running from an unhappy marriage when the accident happened. Alex struggles with his own desire to keep Rebecca around and the knowledge that her baby’s Daddy has a right to see his daughter.

I Vow to Pass this Test: The interns are forced to ignore the urge to treat three mountain climbers suffering from exposure in order to finish studying for their intern exam. In the meantime, Burke keeps pressing Christina for her vows before their wedding the next day. Christina refuses to write vows with her test looming.

The Glue that Binds: Callie is ecstatic to learn George has been accepted at Mercy West and dreams of his changing hospitals marking a new start for their troubled relationship. She begins spreading the word that George is leaving and all day George is confronted by the Chief, Miranda and others who tell him a move is a mistake.

Among the others trying to talk George out of leaving is Izzy. She tries appealing to his loyalty by asking what will happen to their group without him because he is the one that holds the rest of the dysfunctional quintet together.

Callie oversees a tense and emotional exchange between Izzy and George and is clearly worried. Minutes later, she is talking about babies with Addison. Who would have pegged Callie to be the type to try and trap a man with a baby? In the end, Izzy is so desperate to keep George around she announces their having sex was nothing, that she has no feelings for him beyond friendship, and that he doesn’t need to transfer to avoid her because there is no future for them.

A Slap in the Face: Everyone worries about Meredith as she faces a day that includes her stepmother’s funeral and the biggest test of her career. These concerns are heightened when Meredith’s dad shows up at the hospital in a drunken stupor and announces that he blames Meredith for his wife’s death and doesn’t want her anywhere near the funeral or his family again.

Christina swoops in and guards Meredith from the rest of the interns and from Derek as she tries to protect her. In the end, Meredith is not as OK as Christina thinks she is and George discovers Meredith didn’t answer a single question on her exam.

In the meantime, the distance Derek perceives Meredith is creating once again frustrates him and he continues to question their relationship. Responding to Izzy’s appeal, George rallies the rest of the group and goes to Chief Webber, who arranges for Meredith to retake the exam later that day.

Love Ain’t Always Easy: When his best man backs out at the last minute, Burke asks Derek to play the role. Derek plans an impromptu bachelor party at Joe’s bar. He and Burke spend the evening contemplating whether love should be this hard. Burke seems content that, in the end, as long as he and Christina end up together, it will have been worth the bumps and snags.

Derek, however, is clearly tempted by the flirtatious advances of a cute lady at the bar and seems to be leaning in the opposite direction from Burke. Meanwhile, Addison and Sloan make amends and agree to be friends even though they couldn’t make it work romantically. Addison is oblivious to the fact that Sloan lied about having slept with someone else and is clearly madly in love with her.

Haunted by the Past: Adelle shows up at the hospital after a car accident and seeks Addison’s medical attention. We learn she is pregnant — a fact she wants to remain hidden from Webber. Addison notes some spotting but the baby appears fine on an ultrasound. She talks Adelle into staying for observation.

Later that day, as Adelle is trying to sneak out of the hospital, Richard sees her and she ducks into a bathroom to hide from him. When she refuses to respond to his calls, Richard follows Adelle into the bathroom and finds her collapsed on the floor in a pool of blood.

Grade: B+. This episode clearly sets up a series of season-ending cliff-hangers that no doubt will leave us all talking during the summer. Hopefully a few of the more annoying story lines will be resolved, like the odd Izzy-George love thing. One we can count on being dragged out (but will love all the same) is the question of where McDreamy and Meredith go from here.

Next Week: “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” — Christina and Burke’s big day arrives. The results of the intern exams are released. Derek puts Meredith on notice, and Callie and George deal with their marital problems — all of this as the choices for Chief Surgeon and Chief Attending are announced.

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart

Grey’s Anatomy, May 3 May 4, 2007

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“The Other Side of This Life”

Cold Feet: Christina wakes up to find her mother and Mama Burke enjoying coffee with Preston, only to discover they are there to help plan the wedding. In an effort to appease Burke’s mother, Christina finds herself asking Callie to be a bridesmaid and going to the bridal shop to try on wedding gowns and pick attendant attire.

When Burke shows up at the store, she frantically asks what happened to their little wedding and Burke explains he is a traditional man who wants a traditional wedding ceremony. Christina spends the rest of the day coming to terms with this revelation while Burke — thanks to doubts instilled by his mother — spends the day second-guessing his decision to marry Christina. In the end, Christina accepts the wedding plan, tells Burke she is happy, and he responds that he is, too.

But is he really?

Second Guesses: In an episode dedicated to the uncertainty of life and the difficult decisions we all make, George — like Burke — finds himself second-guessing his decision to marry Callie. He has applied to transfer to another hospital and it looks like the open position is his.

However, after spending a fateful ride in the elevator with Izzy, who breaks down over losing her best friend, the two kiss again and George realizes he may be in love with two women. Or is he just in love with one and married to the other?

Memories: Jane Doe — or Eva, as she is now called — struggles to recover from her emergency C-section while dealing with the fact that her memory still hasn’t returned. When it is discovered that she has a bleed in her brain, she opts for a risky surgery in the hopes it will help her get her memory back.

As Derek stimulates various regions of her brain during surgery, it is revealed Eva must have quit a life story, as she speaks several languages fluently. But before he can get to the areas of the brain where her memories are locked, Eva goes into distress and the surgery must be ended. She awakens devastated that she doesn’t remember anything.

Alex tries to convince her being able to start anew isn’t all bad. His affection and warmness toward her leave her wondering what has happened to Alex in the past that keeps him from connecting to the women he cares about.

Turning Over a New Leaf: Meredith greets Derek after morning rounds, seeking to explain what happened to her when she went off the pier. She tells him it was different for her, an awakening experience that has left her wanting to be a better person and wanting to be open to him. She asks him to not give up on her and he agreed, suggesting he bring dinner over to her house later. Then Mer’s day turns upside down when her stepmom comes in with hiccups, only the procedure to relieve her discomfort goes wrong and she is rushed into emergency surgery.

Before the downward turn, Meredith and her father spent the day bonding and learning to talk to each other, only to have that bond torn when Meredith must tell him his wife has died. He slaps Meredith, who runs from the room, refusing Derek’s comfort. , When Derek arrives at her house later to find her drinking away her sorrows in old Meredith form with her roommates, he leaves without announcing his presence.

Road Trip: Addison leaves Seattle to go on a road trip to see her best friend from med school in L.A. She spends several interesting days meeting her friend’s partners in a co-op doctor’s office. Despite having planned on lounging on the beach while finding herself — and receiving fertility treatment so she can have a baby — Addison never sees the beach, as she finds herself treating a young and confused surrogate mother caught in a very sticky web of deceit and adultery.

During all of this, Addison learns she cannot have children and fears she has waited on happiness too long and may never find it. As she returns to Seattle, she is torn by the new and rekindled friendships in L.A. and a surprisingly tempting offer to move there and practice at her friend’s office.

Grade: B –. The story was a little heavy on the Addison spin-off pilot and light on the traditional Grey’s story lines. It is clear the season finale will be a heart-wrenching one, as everyone’s relationships and future seem up in the air.

Next Week: “Testing 1-2-3” — The big intern exam is here. Who will pass and who will fail? Can Christina please Burke again by writing her marriage vows in the middle of taking the biggest test of her life? Will McDreamy turn his back on the woman he has fought so hard to win? And how long can Callie remain blind to what exists between George and Izzy?

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner & Krista Rinehart

Grey’s Anatomy, April 26 April 27, 2007

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Fishy Karma: The chair of the hospital board checks in with extremely enlarged testes and every chief candidate comes running to help. The Chairman berates Webber for not following his orders to keep his condition under wraps and instead bringing in his entire surgical team. Webber’s defense that he is providing the best care he can doesn’t fly with his patient, who insists he made Webber chief for a reason and came to him because he was the best.

Webber — who we suspect is not as comfortable with the notion of retiring as he pretends to be — is shaken by this confrontation. In the end, it is Webber who knows what the odd skeletal presence on the chair’s x-ray is and performs the surgery to remove the “Amazon Penis Fish.” His triumph on this case leaves us wondering if he will walk away from the hospital after all.

In an ironic twist of fate, the chair finds out karma sucks when his assistant (and the mistress he was with when he became ill) and wife (who knew about the mistress because, as she told George “the wife always knows”) both leave him right after surgery. Talk about your bad days!

A Tale of Two Women: George continues to find himself desperately positioned between two women — his wife and his best friend (who may just be the woman he really loves). At first it seems George and Izzy have managed to get past their tryst and restore their friendship, but as the two find themselves confronted with the chair’s adulterous behavior, both find moving on isn’t as easy as they had hoped.

In the meantime, Callie, knowing George lied about being with Izzy, finds herself obsessed by her husband’s friendship. When Addison gently tells her that usually when you’re obsessed about something like this it’s for a good reason, Callie can’t take anymore. She confronts Izzy in an elevator, confessing she can’t compete with George because she is just his wife and Izzy is the one George needs, turns to and loves.

Callie begs Izzy to give her husband back so she can be the one George needs. Clearly devastated by reality, Izzy finds herself confessing to Burke over sample wedding cakes, only to discover that the seemingly hard-nosed surgeon has long been dreaming of his wedding to Christina.

Burke’s Bakery: Burke attempts to focus Christina’s attention on selecting a wedding cake — a battle that seems unwinnable given her lack of enthusiasm about all things wedding and her single-minded focus on scoring the highest on an upcoming exam. Burke leaves a room full of sample cakes to Christina, who solicits everyone else’s help in order to avoid really choosing a cake.

At the end of the day, Burke pushes Christina for her choice and is obviously moved when she says “the red one” — which was his and Izzy’s choice as well.

Wanted: One Stable Man: Clearly proud of himself, McSteamy boasts to Addison that he was still making good on their deal and had not slept with anyone for weeks. Addison is less than thrilled, though she tries to hide it, but we later learn her lack of enthusiasm comes from fearing that, in the end, Mark isn’t the kind of man she wants.

Addison confides in Callie she is looking for someone who will settle down, grill out and raise kids. Mark, she is convinced, will never be that man. In the meantime, she finds her feelings for Alex growing, despite not thinking he is what she is looking for either. But after Alex repeatedly proves his staying power when caring for Jane Doe, Addison is overcome by her feelings, and the student and teacher finally give in to temptation.

When Jane tells Alex Addison has the hots for him and not Sloane because Sloane isn’t a good guy like Alex, Karev clearly freaks and turns Addison away later that night. In addition, having seen Addison and Karev emerge from their rendezvous, Mark pretends he is the one who faltered when Addison tries to get him to go for a drink to “talk.” Perhaps he could have been what she was looking for after all. We may never know, as Addison leaves the hospital obviously wondering what she is still doing in Seattle.

Too Much Communication: Continuing to behave oddly distant with Meredith, Derek confides in Burke that he is having a hard time figuring out how to balance his career ambitions with his high-maintenance relationship with Meredith. In the meantime, Meredith thinking Derek’s distance is because she accused him of hovering tries to make amends by communicating more and making herself available.

Despite availability being what Derek has claimed he wanted all along, Meredith’s sexual play that night leaves McDreamy staring into a dream land of his own. When she asks him what is wrong, we learn that the problem isn’t his job as much as he obviously can’t forgive her for not trying hard enough to save herself when she fell off the peer. He tells her he loves her but isn’t sure he wants to keep breathing for her. Unable to respond Meredith leaves.

Grade: B+. The episode was obviously serving to set up the season-ending cliff hangers and was a little laden with these heavy story developments. It did have several classic laugh-out-loud “Grey’s” moments that made the show worth watching again.

Next Week: “The Other Side of This Life.” In a two-hour episode, the much-hyped spin-off centered around Addison is introduced as she takes a road trip to visit some old friends while beginning to pull away from Seattle Grace. Back in Seattle, we anxiously wait to see what will become of the love triangle, the betrothed, and McDreamy and Meredith.

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart

Grey’s Anatomy, April 19 April 20, 2007

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“Time After Time”


Can’t Have it All: Upset with himself for blowing his interview and miffed at Webber for not picking a favorite, Derek spends the episode chasing the Chief of Surgery position. Derek pressures Webber to stick to the deal they made when he came to Seattle – that he would be the next Chief. The Chief refuses to bend saying he promised Ellis he would take care of her daughter and if Derek becomes Chief, Webber is certain Meredith will get hurt because Derrick can’t have it all. In an uncharacteristically cold and calculating way, Derek appears to care more about job advancement than Meredith as he is left avoiding her calls while pondering his future.

Wingman: In one of the funniest scenes of the night, Webber ends up on the elevator with Sloane when an attractive young lady enters and compliments the Chief’s sweater. Awkwardly Webber begins a “conversation” with the lady that abruptly ends when she gets off the first time the doors open. As Sloane points out this means she got off on the 3rd floor after pushing the “5” button when she got on. Sloane offers to help the Chief get back in the game and to serve as his wingman. Webber is reluctant but ends up at the bar with Sloane that evening where Sloane tries to set him up with a college-aged girl. Addison rescues Webber by sitting down next to him and pretending to pick him up. She agrees with Sloane that Webber needs to get back in the game and offers to let the Chief practice his flirting on her.

Mistaken Identity: Jane Doe’s new face is revealed and pictures are released in an effort to locate her family. Quickly a mother and father show-up claiming her. The information they offer seems to fit and everyone believes Jane is really Shannon Marie. But as Shannon and her father prepare for her to return home, the mother drops a bomb shell that this is not her daughter. Devastated when she learns her new family has left, Jane takes her emotions out on an increasingly attached Alex – blaming him for her still being there saying he likes having his own little project and doesn’t want her to find her family. She forces Alex from the room and we are all left wondering to what extend her accusations are correct as Alex has clearly borrowed from Izzy’s book and fallen for a patient.

Bridezilla: Christina determines to fight for Burke and prove to Marlow that she has changed and is in love in order to run him out of town. Marlow turns out to be a jerk of such immense proportions that you’re left wondering how any version of Christina – old or new – could have put up with him for 3 years. In an attempt to prove to Christina that she belongs with him and not Burke, Marlow requests both Burke and Christina’s help on a piggy-back surgery. Christina tries several hilarious – and obviously fake to everyone including her fiancé – attempts to show a softer side from public displays of affection to fake nails and wedding prep. When Marlow slights Burke several times during pre-op discussions only to humiliate him during surgery, Christina ends up proving to everyone that she has changed and does love Burke when she fakes stupidity to boost his ego post-surgery. Marlow agrees she has changed and vows to leave. That night Burke teases Christina about the day’s antics and comments that now she can go back to being herself – something she clearly wonders about because she has now realized she has changed more than she thought.

Secret Lovers: In the evening’s most compelling storyline, Izzy’s biological daughter turns up at Seattle Grace in need of a bone marrow transplant and Izzy is a last hope match. Unable to turn to George because of the distance he is imposing following their drunken tryst, Izzy confides in Bailey. Bailey tends to Izzy and is holding her hand through the painful medical procedures as well as the disappointing revelation that her daughter isn’t ready to meet her. The secrecy surrounding what is going on with Izzy is too much for George and he finally rushes to her side. Izzy confesses her past to him and pleads with him not to leave her to go through this alone saying she can do without the sex – though she still recoils at the idea that what happened between them is on par with the “sad and tragic sex” between George and Meredith – but she insists she’ll never make it without his friendship. It appears George is going to choose his wife and leave Izzy but he is unable to do so and returns to her side moments later. He then misses a coffee date with Callie to take Izzy to steal a peak at her daughter. Callie knows George is with Izzy and asks him why he missed their date but says nothing when he lies to her and says it was clinic work that kept him away.

Grade: B+ – The Izzy storyline is compelling and Chief Webber’s dating don’ts are humorous but the out of character Derek seemingly choosing work over the girl he has fought so hard for drags this episode down a notch.

Next Week: “Desire” – The battle for Chief continues, Derek apparently continues to struggle with his relationship with Meredith and Callie confronts Izzy about George.

– Stalked by  Debbie Wagner & Krista Rinehard

Grey’s Anatomy, April 5 April 6, 2007

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Note: This episode aired earlier this season.

“Don’t Stand so Close to Me”

Retribution: Bailey is on the war path because Christina and Burke are not punished for lying about Burke’s tremor. She spends the episode taking her anger out of everyone else.

In the end we realize she is upset because she views Christina’s lapse as yet another example of one of her students going astray and fears it is from a fault of her own. The Chief encourages her and tells her the strength Christina showed in turning in Burke came from the example Bailey sets for her interns.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou: Siamese twins come in to be separated in a very difficult surgery. The twins want to be separated because one is in love with a woman – though it remains unclear which twin the woman is in love with.

The two fight over her throughout the episode but, once separated, have trouble dealing with the space between them. George, Alex and Izzy end up on the case, although George spends most of the day worrying about his father and causing scenes in his hospital room.

Izzy ends up paired with Mark, who treats her like a pretty little thing to fetch his coffee, until the end when he fights to get her on the floor during the surgery instead of watching from the gallery.

Now Who’s Trembling: After learning of Burke’s tremor and that Burke blames him, Derrick struggles with self-doubt. His uncertainty leads him to vote against the dangerous twin separation surgery, only to be outvoted by the Chief and Mark.

Bailey uses her own doubts stemming from the Christina and Burke affair to help Derrick see that what others say doesn’t make the doctor he is – just because Burke blames him doesn’t mean that’s where the blame lies.

In the end, Derrick and the others successfully separate the twins.

A Matter of the Heart: George is preoccupied all day by his father’s impending heart surgery. He takes his nerves and anger at what he perceives as a betrayal by Christina and Burke out on everyone, from his father to Callie to Dr. Hahn.

In the end, it is Burke who stands by George during his father’s surgery, narrating the proceedings when George can’t stand to watch. When Dr. Hahn encounters a snag and works her way through it, saving Mr. O’Malley’s life, Burke finds himself explaining to George that he would have done the same thing, that surgery is unpredictable because everyone’s body reacts differently.

George seems to have softened toward Burke again as Burke leaves, obviously to find Derrick and apologize for pushing him away.

All in the Family: Meredith finds herself helping Addison with an emergency C-section on her half-sister Molly. When complications arise and the new baby needs emergency surgery, Meredith spends the day trying to fend off her stepmother’s attempts to draw Meredith into the family circle.

In the end, once Addison has saved the baby, Meredith’s stepmom offers to be Meredith’s family but Mer refuses the offer. In the locker room, Mer insists the other interns let Christina off the hook. Christina is angered by this show of support but Meredith doesn’t care because Christina is her family.

In the end, the bonds of love and family that tie members of Seattle Grace together seem to win out on the day’s feuds and attempts at distance. When Christina finds Burke and Derrick heading back up to examine Burke’s tremor, she follows them.

Meredith, in the meantime, returns to see her mother, who that morning was agitated over her perception that Chief Webber wouldn’t marry her because of Meredith. In the end, Meredith forces her mother into an embrace that brings Ellis back to reality and leaves the two crying in each other’s arms.

Grade: B

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart

Grey’s Anatomy, March 29 March 30, 2007

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Note: This episode was a repeat and returns us to the storyline when George’s Dad is in the hospital for surgery and Christina is wrestling with Burke’s secret.

“From a Whisper to a Scream”

A Bloody Mess: The episode foreshadows the messy situation lying ahead for Christina, as we see her walking down the hallway in blood-spattered surgical scrubs. Further hinting comes as Christina’s opening voiceover discusses the danger of knowing and keeping secrets as a doctor.

The show flashes back to that morning — the day of George’s dad’s surgery. Clearly, the prospect of Burke operating on George’s dad with a questionable hand has Christina facing head-on the consequences of having covered-up Burke’s condition. What she doesn’t realize is George knows about Burke and has called in Dr. Hahn for his father’s surgery.

Meanwhile, tensions rise between Burke and Christina as he protests that everything is OK in the face of her “the world is over” mentality. Christina’s fears are not quieted, and as she watches Chief Webber meet with Hahn, she becomes convinced George has spilled the beans. Little does she know that Webber is retiring and has called Hahn in to discuss replacing Burke because he wants to tap Burke for the Chief spot.

Once these pieces fall into place, it is too late. A close call during surgery with Hahn leaves a blood-spattered Christina at her wits’ end as she goes to the Chief and confesses. Burke’s career is now in question as he walks in to the Chief’s office at the end, planning to confess but prove he can operate again, only to find Christina hiding in the back of the office and Webber highly po’d.

You Didn’t Hear it From Me: As the rest of the interns tend to the victims of a car crash, the still-on-probation Izzy is assigned to Mr. O’Malley for the day. During the course of a series of humorous slips, Izzy accidentally fills George’s parents in on all of the most embarrassing aspects of his life, from his crush on Meredith to his break-up with Callie over her impetuous fling with McSteamy.

The most disastrous slip was Izzy’s assurance that Dr. Burke was the best heart surgeon out there, which prompted George’s parents to decide to switch back to Burke from Hahn for the surgery. A frustrated and over-stressed George retaliates by lambasting Izzy for giving medical advice when she is on probation for killing a patient. For those who have watched the ensuing episodes, this confrontation and painful exchange is the beginning of the rift that will grow between George and Izzy.

Love Hurts: The surgical team spends the day tending to the victims of an accident at a nearby farmer’s market. Addison treats a young pregnant lady who is struck by a car driven by an elderly man.

Bailey uncovers the fact this elderly man has brain damage that severely impedes the control of his feet. His wife didn’t have the heart to keep him from driving and his condition is what caused the accident.

As we see so often, the Nazi is, at her core, a warm-hearted person, as she helps her elderly patient deal with the guilt that she has caused so much destruction and injury for the love of her husband.

Making up is fun to do: The episode opened with the normally hot and heavy McDream couple sitting in bed doing crossword puzzles and eating cereal. Throughout the show, as the Burke-Christina storyline unfolds, Meredith and Derrick argue about who knew what first about their friends. In the end, all things return to normal as they make up and return to bed for some more risqué behavior.

 Grade: B

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart

Grey’s Anatomy, March 22 March 23, 2007

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Last episode

The fight for Chief Webber’s office was hot and heavy. Alex continued to cater to his Jane Doe. Meredith began to reconcile with her Dad while Derrick saved the life of a mentor. Izzy and George made-up — and out — with each other after George fought with Callie over her secret wealth.

This episode: “My Favorite Mistake”

A Plan for Today: Dr. Marlow throws all of the Attendings and Chief Webber for a loop when he shows up with a 10-year plan for the hospital. As Addison and Burke run around creating their own 10-year plan, Derrick finds himself in a haze caused by lingering fears, as he can’t be sure he’d be there in 10 years himself if something happened with Meredith. In the meantime, the always-opportunistic Sloane seeks guidance from Bailey on what she would change about the hospital. When he steals her “I have a plan for today” line and wows the selection committee, everyone is left amazed — including Bailey.

A New Face: Alex continues to show a new face of his own as he caringly tends to Jane Doe and helps her select the face she will have after surgery. When he checks on Jane post-surgery, Addison comes in and compliments Alex’s dedication to his patient. Jane notices the sparks between the two and teases Alex. Alex tries to shrug it off because Addison is his boss — but we all know that hasn’t ever stopped anyone else at Seattle Grace. So, will Addison break the 60-day sex strike before Mark is able to prove himself?

You Can’t Go Back: On the day after Burke’s marriage ultimatum, Christina, determined to “Be Kind and Rewind” embarks on a journey to their life in the days before marriage made things sticky. Burke is having none of it and we see that he isn’t the same man he was when Christina first came to town and he was Webber’s prime pick for a replacement. Christina has changed him. He wants more out of life now and clearly isn’t as willing to sell his soul to hospital for a corner office. As Christina makes this realization, she searches for a way to fix the damage from her past with Marlow. All seems well in the end when she agrees to move forward with a small wedding that includes only their people and no mosquito netting on her face.

Saving a Savior: Derrick, used to being the savior for Meredith, once again attempts to swoop in and rescue her from the demons he imagines she is still battling. The knowledge she gave up in the water and the fear she will crumble again leads him to confront Sloane when he offers her a complicated surgical procedure. When Derrick tells Meredith he has secured her an out if she isn’t ready for the surgery, she steadfastly assures him she does not need to be saved. In the end, it is Derrick who appears to need saving from his fears of losing another woman he loves. As Meredith sails through her solo surgical debut, Derrick appears to flounder during his Chief’s interview because he is too preoccupied with the fear of losing her. That night, roles are reversed, as Meredith is the one seemingly pulling him from the depths of his own psyche.

George Takes a Stand: When he first awakes, George doesn’t remember sleeping with Izzy the night before after the two shared a bottle of bourbon. Instead, he can’t get past his terrible hangover — a task made all the more difficult when Callie informs him they have to play the happy couple for her Dad who is in town. It isn’t until lunch with Daddy that George realizes what has happened and the shock leads him to stand up to Callie’s father and refuse to become a trust-fund in-law. His bravado earns points in the eyes of Callie and her father, and leaves George and Izzy on shaky ground. Izzy appears eager to explore the new side of her relationship with George, but George tells her their tryst must stay their secret because he is staying with Callie and cannot hurt her to clear his conscience. George goes home with Callie, clearly struggling with his betrayal, and Izzy finds she is alone once again. Can sweet little George keep this kind of a secret? And can Izzy recover from another love lost?

Grade: A –. It was an episode that had a gripping story line that is clearly setting up some interesting plots for the characters.

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart

Grey’s Anatomy, March 15 March 16, 2007

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Last episode

The surgical staff continued the fight for one of its own and it was Christina’s refusal to let them give up on her person that forced the final try to save Meredith’s life. Meredith was saved, but at nearly the same time, Derrick lost his fight to save her mother. Izzy and George’s feud over Callie heated up and Mark promised to give up girls and sex for 60 days to win back Addison.

This Episode: “Scars and Souvenirs”

Them’s Fightin’ Words: The competition for Chief heats up as Dr. Webber brings in the nation’s best cardio-thoracic surgeon, Dr. Marlow, to see the hospital. Dr. Burke is awed by the presence of an idol until it becomes clear that Dr. Marlow and Christina share more than a student/teacher history. (Guess she wasn’t kidding when she said all of her teachers at Stanford loved her!) Throughout the episode, tempers flare between the Attendings vying for the Chief position, and Dr. Webber obviously grows increasingly displeased with his options.

The Thaw Continues: Alex continues to look more and more human as the weeks go by (and Izzy looks less and less naive for thinking there was good in him when nobody else saw it). Alex’s feelings for his pregnant Jane Doe grow as he talks her into having a surgery to save the sight in one eye even though there is some risk to her baby. When the surgery hits a bump and Dr. Montgomery has to stitch Jane’s cervix closed to save the baby, Alex blames himself and apologizes during a late-night “date” with Jane. Before leaving to see Jane Alex, who has moved into George’s empty room, shares a tender moment with Izzy as she wonders if she will ever be able to move on after Denny or if she will end up alone.

Teacher’s Pet: One of the funniest scenes in the show comes as a gang of doctors, including Dr. Burke and the interns, watches not so inconspicuously to see who Chief Webber has brought in as a ringer for his replacement. When the door opens we find it is one of Burke’s heroes, Dr. Marlow. But Dr. Marlow only has eyes for Christina, whom he greets with a hug and an ass-grab! During the course of the night we learn Christina dated Dr. Marlow for 3 years while in medical school and that she refused to marry him because she thought marriage was a silly institution. Burke, lacking a silly bone in his body, is seeing red and refuses to let Christina marry him out of a condescending desire to make him happy. Christina goes to Meredith for guidance. When Meredith asks her if she wants to screw up her engagement, Christina doesn’t know how to answer.

Everyone’s Knight in Shining Whatever: Derrick finds himself treating an old mentor dying from a brain tumor. Unable to let her accept death, Derrick talks his friend into a risky surgery that will either cure her or kill her. As visiting hotshot Dr. Marlow watches, Derrick is forced to cut his friend’s chest open and massage her heart to keep her from dying on the operating table. As always, the wonder neurosurgeon of Seattle Grace saves the day as we learn at the end of the night that his mentor will go on living a long and full life. In the meantime, he helps Meredith cope with her mother’s death and her father’s desire to comfort her.

Daddy Dearest: Meredith is thrown into a tizzy when her father and stepmother show up at the hospital to check on her following her mother’s death. They insist on having dinner with Meredith, who is a nervous wreck all day about being with her father. Derrick assures her it will be fine and pledges to be there by her side. During dinner, Meredith’s father tells a story involving a picture he remembers and thinks is of him and Meredith’s half-sister. Meredith quickly lets him know the picture is of her. This awkward moment is made all the more odd as the lights go out. Derrick ends up in the utility room with Meredith’s father as he wonders how on earth to reach out to his daughter. Derrick, in this week’s sappy moment, explains she puts up a tough exterior but that she cares and is worth the trouble. In the end Meredith is left feeling her Dad does care as we learn the front porch swing doesn’t work because he jammed it so Meredith wouldn’t get her fingers caught in it when she was little.

No They Didn’t: Over the past several weeks, Izzy and George’s relationship has been strained at best, as Izzy is unable to accept George and Callie’s marriage. When George learns Callie is rich and has been lying to him about her background, the two end up in a huge fight and Callie kicks him out of “her hotel room.” Where else does George turn but to his best friend, Izzy. The two share a bottle of bourbon and George confides that Callie thinks Izzy and George have feelings for each other. The raucous laughter that follows apparently turns into more than just giggles as the show ends with Izzy and waking up naked with a naked George sacked out next to her in bed!

Grade: A-

With several hilarious moments, this episode was a much welcome return to the people-driven storylines that made Grey’s episodes of old so good.

Next Episode: “My Favorite Mistake” — March 29

George meets Callie’s father, Alex helps Jane Doe deal with what she will look like and Izzy is confronted by a startling revelation about one of her friends.

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart

Grey’s Anatomy, March 1 March 2, 2007

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NOTE: This week’s episode was a re-run from earlier in the season.

“Where the Boys Are”

Unlikely Friends: Despite both having slept with McSteamy, Callie and Addison strike up a friendship as they work on the same emotional case. A pregnant woman comes in after falling in the bathtub. Callie sets a nasty break in her arm as Addison discovers that the patient’s baby is dead.

Callie helps Addison deal with the unexpected emotion this case brings up in her as both watch the couple share their last happy moments before the devastating news. Following the patient’s treatment, Addison reaches out to a female colleague for the first time when she invites Callie out for a drink but Callie must take a rain check as her beeper goes off.

I am Woman: Meredith finds herself assigned to McSteamy, who spends the day trying to convince her not to go back to Derrick. While laying on the sleazy courting techniques, Dr. Sloan and Meredith prepare for a sex change surgery that will complete his patient’s transformation from a man to a woman.

However, pre-surgery labs reveal that the patient, Donna (or is it still Daniel?) has breast cancer that is being fed by her hormone therapy. Sloan advises Donna to return to being Daniel so they can treat the cancer. In the end Donna decides she’d rather die a woman and happy than live as a man and be miserable and a reluctant Sloan agrees to go ahead with the surgery.

Revenge Stinks: Christina crossed the wrong attending when she erased Bailey’s name from one of Burke’s surgeries to help cover-up his tremor. As revenge, Bailey refuses to let Christina into the operating room and instead assigns her to a young boy who swallowed 20 Monopoly pieces.

As she spends the day watching the boy’s stool for the expelled game pieces, Christina finds herself rethinking her role as Burke’s accomplice now that her career seems in jeopardy.

Sickeningly Sweet: Izzy finds herself assigned to a peer counselor for a day of shadowing as her suspension following Denny’s death continues. She is horrified to find out her peer counselor is Sydney — the sickeningly sweet attending. Izzy spends most of the day dodging Sydney (even helping Christina) until the two finally confront each other and Izzy learns that Sydney lost a patient, too.

Boys in the Wood: McDreamy needs a day off to get distance and perspective on his relationship with Meredith, so he decides to go fishing and camping and, lacking any close male friends, invites Burke to go along. Then Burke invites O’Malley and Chief Webber. O’Malley invites Joe, from the bar, who brings his partner, Walter. Oh, and Alex ends up coming, too.

Dismayed that his quiet camping trip ends up a “frat boy getaway,” Derrick sulks by himself while the others fish and set up tents. Alex and O’Malley continue their rivalry outside the hospital as O’Malley kids Alex for not knowing how to camp and fish only to push Alex to tell him that Callie slept with Sloan.

This leads to a brawl, which Chief Webber insists on turning into an open-handed feud that won’t endanger either surgeon’s career. O’Malley and Alex are disappointed at being forced to have a “slap fight” but then begin smacking each other as Burke sits on the side lines coaching O’Malley. The two fighters end up hitting Walter, who falls, cutting his head open on a rock. Burke sews up the wound despite George’s concern that he has noticed a tremor and Burke’s abilities are impaired. The trip a bust, the boys head back to civilization early.

Pleased to meet you: Back in Seattle, McSteamy has lured Meredith to the bar and continues trying to convince her to start something new with him and forget about Derrick. McSteamy goes to answer a page and Meredith goes to get another round at the bar when Derrick walks in, sees her and proceeds to introduce himself, explaining that he wants them to start over. McSteamy walks back out to find Meredith introducing herself to Derrick before the two kiss and Seattle’s favorite damaged couple start round two.

Grade: A –. The camping series provides one of “Grey’s” funniest storylines to date — even the second time through.

Next Episode: “Old Wounds” — March 8
While we all wait to see if Meredith’s near-death experience has turned our favorite damaged doctor into Little Miss Sunshine, a World War II veteran is treated for a lump that turns out to be an old bullet. Dr. Helen Crawford flies to Seattle Grace for surgery and it turns out she knows one of her two surgeons.

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart