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Survivor Fiji, Season Finale, May 13 May 14, 2007

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THE QUOTE: “I have no regrets and I think I did it the way I’m supposed to,” said Dreamz. “It’s a game, and everybody else lied and cheated and slithered their way through this game. Snakes and weasels.”

THE WINNER: It came down to no choice, really. In a twist, “Survivor Fiji” sent three contestants to the final vote, rather than the two of previous years, and we had one guy who played it pretty straight and honest, one lady who didn’t do much of anything any time, and one guy who turned out to be about as ethically challenged as Johnny Fairplay (remember him from Survivor Pearl Island?).

Earl never received a vote until the ones you want to get. Dreamz stabbed Yau-man in the back, then lied about it, and Cassandra was just there.

By the way, Yau should have won, and even Earl said it. And by a show of hands at the reunion show, Yau would have won if Dreamz hadn’t reneged on his truck and immunity deal. How in the world Dreamz though ANYONE would vote for him after that is beyond comprehension, so he basically stole a truck and a million bucks from Yau.
Yau’s a better man that me. You can’t sue Dreamz, but it would have been very tempting to hire someone to beat the living crap out of him. Game or not, Dreamz is a liar and a cheat.

REVIEW: Down to five, Yau won immunity in a puzzle/maze thing, and Boo was gone. He tried to talk people into taking out Dreamz, but down he went.

Down to four, and you just knew Dreamz would win immunity. Remember the deal he made with Yau-man when Yau won the $60,000 truck? Yau offered it to Dreamz if Dreamz would promise to try hard to win immunity in the final four, and then give it to Yau. Dreamz accepted, of course, and then he won immunity.

“My game plan is to give Yau the necklace, and whatever happens tonight, I’m happy,” Dreamz said.

And, “I’m more concerned about somebody who ain’t keeping their word,” said Dreamz before the challenge.

I wonder if he tried to call his dead grandmother? (Another Fairplay reference).

He claimed later it was because he was playing the game, and that lying and all that other evil stuff is part of the game. But obviously no one on the jury bought it.

Yau got voted out — Earl even voted for him — setting up the final three of Earl, Cassandra and Dreamz.

And you knew it was over. Like I said earlier, Cassandra did nothing — absolutely nothing — except hang on. She quit in the challenges, and she got as far as she did because her opponents knew they could beat her if they went up against her, so they kept her there.

Dreamz? Please!

Earl played pretty straight, he got some breaks (if Dreamz hadn’t backstabbed Alex and Mookie and Edgardo, those guys would have been sitting in the final four), he overcame obstacles (when Michelle got voted out, Earl thought his group was done). And his competition in the final three self-destructed.

GRADE: A. This season was one of the best ever, because the writers did a good job injecting some freshness into the competition. Two hidden immunity idols and the twists they brought about; three to the final group; and the idol couldn’t be played after the final four. Those twists brought more plotting and strategy and backstabbing than in previous seasons.

REFLECTIONS: Rocky is still a jerk; I already said what I think about Dreamz; Lisi is still living in a dream world, based on her rant at the final tribal council; Alex is one bitter, bitter guy at Dreamz; Anthony still hasn’t faced himself; Boo turned out to be pretty tough since revealing he had a torn ACL a couple of episodes ago; and Yau should have won.

Yeah, I know — maybe Dreamz should be applauded for playing the game, getting to the final three by betraying pretty much everyone who trusted him along the way. Maybe that was his plan all along. It is a game, after all, just like he pointed out many times trying to defend himself.

Right. Now convince me that a guy who robs a bank because he grew up poor is justified. He stole a million dollars from another guy.

Did I say Yau-man should have won?

PARTING SHOTS: Probst gave the preview for the next season, which will be set in a remote location in China. And Earl, in a Mother’s Day message at the very end, gave half his money to his mother.

— Stalked by Gary Moyers


Survivor Fiji, May 10 May 11, 2007

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I’m still very much in tune with what’s going on around me. On the other hand, I will never be one hundred percent sure.” Yau-man.

REVIEW: Man, does Yau have instincts or what? And he knows when to trust them. When Boo won the immunity challenge,

Yau got the feeling he might be the next target. And he was, but he prudently played his hidden immunity idol before the vote.

So, once again, Dreamz, the mastermind of the plan to bust Yau, had another great idea go up in spectacular flames. His plan, and the way Yau countered, means Earl and Yau now know Cassandra and Dreamz lied to them.

Who benefits? The twists and turns are enormous. Boo, who was next on the chopping block before winning immunity, now may be a swing vote. Who’d have ever thought anyone would want that guy?

CHALLENGES: Yau-man won the reward challenge, and a new Ford pickup. In a shocking strategy twist, he offered the truck to an openly envious Dreamz in exchange for one little thing – should Dreamz make it to the final four and win immunity, he had to agree to give that immunity to Yau.

Dreamz accepted, and immediately went about plotting to get rid of Yau before the final four. Yau also sent himself to Exile Island, another first in the game, and his clue enable his partner Earl to find the remaining hidden idol. How big does that little find play in the final episode?

It was a given that Boo would be voted out next, but then he messed up and won the immunity challenge. That prompted Dreamz to conspire with Stacy, who felt very vulnerable, and Cassandra to cast their votes for Yau, and also to attempt to reassure him he had no need to play his idol.

What made the hair on Yau’s neck stand up? Let’s just say none of that threesome will ever win any acting awards. Their behavior prompted Yau to tell Earl he had bad vibes right before council.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Dreamz votes for Yau, and Yau voted for Stacy, but they were the only votes shown on camera. Then, in a scene out of an old Mickey Spillane novel, when Probst asked if anyone wanted to play an idol, Cassandra, Dreamz and Stacy all came up with the most obvious looks at Yau they could. So he played it.

The thump you heard was three jaws hitting the sand.

Since votes for Yau didn’t count after that, and he got three of them, Stacy went home.

And that leaves what you would think would be a strong partnership between Earl and Yau dead up against the snakes out in the open, Cassandra and Dreamz. And who’s left?

Good old Boo, that’s who.

EPISODE GRADE A+: How in the world Dreamz is still alive after all his stumbles and bumbles is a miracle. Yau’s playing the idol was a monument to intuition and survival instincts. And hanger-on Stacy deserved to be gone several episodes ago.

STACY’S PARTING SHOT: “Tonight I gambled, hoping Yau wouldn’t pull out the hidden immunity idol, and he did. I did my personal best and definitely walk away with a big smile.”

PREVIEW: The question in the preview asked if Dreamz would honor his deal with Yau, but he has to make it to the final four first. Sunday’s final two-hour episode will answer that question quickly, because two people have to be voted out to get to the live reunion show.

Remember, Earl has his own idol now. And I heard nothing about a deal to share it with Yau if needed.

Will Dreamz and Cassandra stand firm against Yau and Earl? I haven’t seen an immunity challenge yet that Cassandra can win, so this game might come down to the next challenge.


Stalked by Gary Moyers

Survivor Fiji, May 3 May 6, 2007

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QUOTE: “I’m not going to beg for my life, that’s not the way it works for me.” Alex

REVIEW: It all came down to who could gnaw the most meat off and spit it out on a table.

The reward challenge, in which the contestants gnawed meat suspended from a rope and then spit it out on a plate, carried greater significance than normal because the winner, Boo, got a leg up in the immunity challenge. It was immunity that Alex desperately needed, but because of the head start, Boo won that challenge, too. And Alex got voted off. That simple.

Okay, it wasn’t that simple. Alex actually seemed to plant some seeds of discord in the other tribe members’ minds, telling them they were going to have to go after Yau-man sooner or later.

Yau began calling the top group the “Core Four,” and says it should be Stacy, Earl, Cassandra and himself, because he wants a weak one in the group. But believe me, Dreamz and Cassandra have different plans, and they’re going to do something soon. They really seemed to buy Alex’s spiel about Yau, and that’s going to come up next week. Earl was dead set on voting Alex off immediately, and apparently convinced the rest of the group to vote that way as well.

By the way, Earl was sent to Exile Island again this week, and with the second clue he feels he can find the other hidden immunity idol.

PREVIEW: Yau-man’s in trouble as the others conspire against him, and the competition reaches a whole new level when Yau says he wants to try and make a deal.

ALEX’S PARTING SHOT: “I played to the best of my ability. I think the six remaining members are living in a dream world if they think they’re not going to have to turn on each other. It’s about to get very ugly.”

GRADE B+: Alex did his best to turn the alliance, but in the end he failed. A good amount of intrigue, but the real battle was decided when Boo won the immunity challenge.

Stalked by Gary Moyers

Survivor Fiji, April 25, Episode 11 April 30, 2007

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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “A lion is most dangerous when he’s wounded and backed up against the wall.” Alex.

TRY, TRY AGAIN: Alex and Mookie confronted Dreamz about his double agent betrayal last week, and Dreamz claimed he’d been played too. And he had, of course, by Yau-man’s syndicate. But Alex and Mookie know they’re now dead meat.

Unless they come up with another great plan. This time they decided Yau had the immunity idol, so they searched his bags to find it. And did. And while gloating over how they could turn the game around by confronting Yau in front of the rest of the tribe, they were overheard by Cassandra and Stacy hiding in the bushes.

Alex and Mooke quickly adapted their plan, deciding to race back to the beach and confront Yau before the girls got there. Trouble was, Cassandra and Stacy didn’t hear the part about the idol. Yau simply told them “You guys do what you need to do,” and then told the rest of the group himself, concentrating on the part where Mookie and Alex went through his bag. He conveniently left out the part where he went through Sylvia’s bag back in episode 2 for the same reason.

The tribe was, of course, outraged that someone’s privacy had been so blatantly invaded. As Probst said at Tribal Council, “That’s about as snaky, ratty as it gets.”

Earl wasn’t happy about everyone else knowing about Yau’s idol, since previously he was the only one who knew. And Dreamz, the quote master? “After they’re gone, there’s still going to be six of us left.

Stacy won the immunity challenge, a memory test, and Alex and Mookie set about sowing seeds of mistrust, trying to stay alive one more day. They kept pointing out that Yau didn’t tell anyone about the idol, but it didn’t work.

Alex had a plan, though, selling out Mookie by casting his own vote for his former Four Horseman teammate. Since the other six decided to split their vote in case either Alex or Mookie had discovered the rehidden idol, Alex’s vote was the end for Mookie. And Yau did not have to play his own idol.

GRADE: A. This was another episode with soap opera scheming and moves bordering on desperation.

MOOKIE’S PARTING SHOT: “I’m pretty relieved I’m out of the game but it would have been nice to have the alliances the same so I could raise some hell.”

PREVIEW: Alex goes undercover, trying to be under the radar to stay alive; Boo annoys everyone; and the reward challenge is a free for all primal kind of thing.

Stalked by Gary Moyers

Survivor Fiji, Episode 10, April 19 April 25, 2007

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Quote: “This is an all or nothing move. But if it works out, it will probably be one of the best moves ever.” Edgardo. And “This vote right here is going to determine everything in the game. It’s going to separate snakes from rats.” Dreamz

Review: It was an all-or-nothing movie, and it didn’t work out for Edgardo. In a classic case of using a user, Edgardo’s Four Horsemen were played like big fish at the end of a line. And Dreamz? Turns out he fell into the snaky rat category, because he tried to be both and lost.

It was quiet Yau-man doing the playing. Oh, Dreamz thought he was the big king maker, but his stint as a double agent backfired on his group so badly he’ll probably be the next one to leave. “I’m the swing vote. I’m stuck between two alliances. My heart tells me to go with Cassandra, Yau-man and Boo,” he said, before he got played by Yau. Yau won immunity, so he didn’t have to play his found idol, and he quietly went about setting up the whole vote.

Not much time was spent on the challenges this week, because all the intrigue regarding the vote was the fun part. The Four Horsemen – Dreamz, Alex, Edgardo and Mookie – tried to work Stacy to vote with them against Earl, mistakenly believing Earl has an immunity idol. Yau, now overtly pulling some strings, convinces Stacy to vote for anyone but Earl. The Horsemen begin to realize – through spying by Dreamz, who is being courted by Yau and Cassandra (can you follow all this? It was tough – and fun!) that Alex is the target. Surprisingly, Mookie slips Alex the idol, then, of course, Dreamz runs back and tells the other guys.

And little Stacy, picked to be the most vulnerable, came up with the idea that she, Yau, Earl and Cassandra should vote off Edgardo – and not tell Dreamz about it!

Edgardo never saw it coming. Neither did Dreamz. And now Dreamz knows how it feels to be surrounded by enemies, because he’s on everyone’s hit list. Three of the Horsemen voted for Cassandra, Dreamz voted for Mookie, showing he had flipped, and everyone else voted for Edgardo.

The moral? If you’re going to be a double agent, you’d better not let it get out.

Cassandra won the reward challenge, and her trip to a yacht with Yau-man, Dreamz and Boo, and they form what Yau calls “The Syndicate.”

Yeah, and Dreamz was the Syndicate Sucker!

Since Alex had the immunity idol passed from Mookie and didn’t use it, Probst informed the group that it would be reburied and new clues offered on Exile Island. The writers got this right this year – the immunity idols are very much coming into play.

Grade: A+!!! Best backstabbing since the early days of Survivor.

Preview: Dreamz is confronted about turning, Alex and Mookie find out Yau has the other idol, and they cook up a new plan.

Edgardo’s Parting Shot: “I’m a little disappointed Dreamz messed me up. My plan was all or nothing and it didn’t work.”

– Stalked By Gary Moyers

Survivor Fiji, Episode 9, April 12 April 13, 2007

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Quote: “I definitely feel the paranoia.” — Mookie

Review: Yup, the paranoia is back, thanks to a cool move by Probst this week to shake up the alliances that have formed.

First, the tribes merged into a new group called “Bula, Bula,” which they said is Fijian for “hello,” but I recall it being used as some kind of old college fight song in the Roaring ’20s. Then, after all the plotting and counterplotting to determine who’s running the game, the first immunity challenge split the tribe back into two groups, and the losing group had to go straight to Tribal Council.

With no time for plotting, scheming, subterfuge or any of the fun stuff. Bula, Bula! (They spelled it boolah, boolah back in the day).

Just when you think you’ve got the strategy figured out, along comes a curve ball, which is one of the things that has made “Survivor” so appealing all these years. This little deal resulted in Michelle getting the boot, throwing a big wrench in Earl’s plans, and saved Stacy.

Plotting: Prior to the merge, Ravu was back to four guys since Lisi was voted off last week. And, naturally, they decided to discard all old alliances and band together when the tribes merge to manipulate the others. They called themselves the “Four Horsemen,” but then privately Mookie said, “the idol I have in my pocket — I’ll admit it, I’m selfish. It’s for me.”

Yeah, that whole immunity idol thing the guys found is coming back to set up some future trouble. Mookie told Dreamz they had it, Dreamz got ticked because he wasn’t told earlier, Edgardo and Alex got mad at Mookie for telling Dreamz, and the trust factor became a little shaky.

Meanwhile, Earl at Moto thinks he’s the one pulling the strings, with plans to take Michelle and his little band of cohorts past the Ravu guys. But after the merger, which let everyone go back to the rich Moto camp, Cassandra immediately started talking alliance with Dreamz again. You can’t tell the players without a scorecard in this episode!

About that rich Moto camp thing. Gone. Wiped. When the merged group came back, all they had left was a pot, machete, flint and fishing gear.

“This is back where we was. Day one. Day one, square one.” Yeah, Dreamz got right to the point.

Immunity Challenge: Probst had the new Bula Bula members draw rocks to split them into two teams for this challenge, which involved using a frog gig thing to remove bags of puzzle pieces from hooks, then recreate a Fijian mask. The orange team won the challenge and the steak feast, while Michelle, Stacy, Alex, Mookie and Dreamz went to council with no time to talk anything over.

Probst gave them a break. He started asking each player why they should or shouldn’t vote for another player, and in the process it became quite clear it was between Stacy and Michelle. And Michelle, in a 3-2 vote, packed it in. As always, Probst instructed the players that if they had the idol (Mookie!) they had to play it before the votes were read. But Mookie felt pretty safe and didn’t bring it out. That leaves Yau-man with one idol (and supposedly only Earl knows about it) and Mookie with the other (but the word is getting out on that one).

Grade: This one gets another A from me. The whole game was shaken loose just by the little trick at the immunity challenge. The Four Horsemen are about to fall apart, and Earl’s alliance crumbled. Could it be that Yau-man might be pulling more strings than we realize?

Michelle’s Parting Shot: “I think my alliance is a little weaker now that I’m not there. Earl is going to have to find a new spy. I’m just as strong as I thought.”

Preview: “You just screwed everything,” Mookie says to Dreamz, as the voiceover says the fireworks begin. Apparently the fears about Dreamz not keeping his mouth shut were well-founded, because Dreamz tells Cassandra about the immunity idol.

— Stalked by Gary Moyers

Survivor Fiji, Episode 8 April 6, 2007

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QUOTE: “Like, dude, you’re going to have to wake up really, really early to fool an old cat like me.” — Lisi

REVIEW: Lots of fun stuff last night. Lisi, quite possibly the dumbest contestant ever on “Survivor,” told the guys about the Immunity Idol clues. And, of course, Mookie, Alex and Edgardo woke up pretty early and found it while she and Dreamz were sleeping. Then they voted Lisi off. After her waffling back and forth about whether she even wanted to stay, she’s gone. And the three guys plan to share the idol when needed.

Or do they?

“In my mind it’s in one pocket, and that’s mine,” said Mookie, who actually pulled the idol out of the ground.

CHALLENGES: Earl can dance. I mean, the guy can REALLY dance! He proved it by leading Moto to a win in the reward challenge, a kind of “Dancing With the Fijians” deal where the tribes learned a native dance and then were judged by the local versions of Randy, Simon and Paula based on appearance, spirit and performance. Ravu had no rhythm, Earl went over and above, and Moto got the Fijian feast.

The Immunity Challenge featured Ninja Yau-man. The inscrutable (why is that word always used when referring to Asian gentlemen?) but plucky Yau led Moto to victory by hitting the target with a spear, one of only two people to do so. Then he stepped up and, with a running start, played Robin Hood with a bow and arrow and helped Moto win immunity again.

Probst got his comeuppance. In a really snarky tone of voice, he asked Yau what he was doing as he looked over the arrows. Yau said he was “looking for the straightest possible arrow.” Then he nailed the target, and Probst shut up.

VOTED OUT: Lisi. “I’m surrounded by losers. You know what’s going on? They know that they’re losers.” That was Lisi speaking on camera at Exile Island. Then she decided she wants out. “I’m done, man. Sometimes you have have to know when it’s time to go. I’m done like a Thanksgiving Day turkey, man. I’m done.”

I repeat all this because, as stated earlier, she was done. She just had to flop around in the frying pan a few times in the hot grease before it happened. She made a play to get the guys to vote out Dreamz on the idea that following a merge he would flip to Cassandra, but they weren’t buying it. Then when asked point blank — twice — if she wanted to be in the game, she never, ever gave a direct answer.

GRADE: Another A. This show’s getting fun, because Yau got a chance to shine, unexpectedly, especially when contrasted with Edgardo’s bragging about his archery prowess (he hit the sand, every time he shot anything). Lisi played hippie soap opera queen, and Dreamz talked about another “shaliqua.” Lots of fun.

PREVIEW: A mysterious tree mail hints at merger between the tribes, and some type of big twist shakes up everything, according to the promo.

LISI’S PARTING SHOT: “You could sit there and say whatever but I know who I am. When the ship is sinking, you get off. You guys are never gonna get it together. You are losers.”

Yeah, but they made it one more day than Lisi.

— Stalked by Gary Moyers

Survivor Fiji, Episode 7, March 29 March 30, 2007

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QUOTE: “This is it. This is my million dollars! I am glad I’m not in a knot-untying contest right now because I would lose! I know there’s another one somewhere on the other island. … It looks good on me.” — Yau-man

REVIEW: Yau-man found the immunity idol, and Rocky got voted off. To mimic Chandler on “Friends,” “Can life BEEEE any better?”

Yau and Earl continued their partnership when Earl led the tribe away so Yau could look. And find. And dance, and positively gloat. The mischievous Yau was so excited he even made up a fake idol to hide in the same spot — a coconut with a smiley face on it. That was a riot!

Rocky continued to grate on his mates’ nerves, and Lisi rejoined the all-male Ravu tribe after a stint on Exile Island. She knew she had to worm her way back in their good graces after her “I’m ready to go” breakdown last week, and she got some help from the ever-irritating Rocky.

CHALLENGES: Ravu won a challenge! Ravu won a … Yeah, I’m as shocked as you are. The boys of Ravu (and Lisi) finally came through with a win and got to gorge themselves on hot dogs, brownies and games.

But then they promptly went out and lost the immunity challenge, so the more things change …

Rocky gagged in the reward challenge but his tribe mates pulled him out. Then he gagged again in the Immunity Challenge, despite the fact that shooting hot stuff should have been his forte. And this one finally cost him.

VOTED OUT: Rocky. The Boston Bad Boy with the Big Mouth finally got on enough nerves that he was gone. And he’s so blind he didn’t see it coming! Alex and Edgardo decided they wanted Lisi’s loyalty more than Rocky’s big mouth. Or, as Edgardo said, “Rocky has bad vibes, and one of the reasons Ravu didn’t win is his attitude about stuff.”

GRADE: A. Only because Rocky finally is gone. From day one he’s been the rock in everyone’s shoe, and it was time. You can get away with mouthing off if you’re winning, but if you mouth off and lose, you’re a loud-mouthed loser.

ROCKY’S PARTING SHOT: After a primal scream — fitting for a guy with a perpeptua- motion mouth, Rocky said, “They got me good, man, they really got me good. Smacked in the mouth with a cinder block.”

PREVIEW: Lisi gets down again, the tribes learn a new skill, and the hunt for the idol at Ravu gets dirty.

— Stalked by Gary Moyers

Survivor: Fiji, March 21 March 22, 2007

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Episode 6

QUOTE: “You gotta go backwards sometimes before you can go forwards, buddy. Philosophy in the ocean.” — Rocky

REVIEW: One of the best episodes of the season. A tribal shakeup, a testosterone high followed by a cold dose of immunity reality for the guys, then Rocky the Jerk and Anthony the Weasel face off — verbally.

Yup, “Survivor” is cooking now!

The late, great James Brown sang “It’s A Man’s World,” but don’t tell it to the fragile male psyches of the new Ravu tribe.

We got a full dose of Rocky this week. It was like mixing castor oil and Jack Daniels — enough of both and you don’t even care whether the castor oil is working or not. And Rocky IS the castor oil, believe me.

For example: “I love women, I love to talk to ’em and make out with ’em and have convahsations with ’em. But in this game you don’t need to have frilly stuff going on.” And, “It is ovah – ovah. The bad times ah about to go. Right now, on papah, we’re a supahpowah. We look good.”

That last comment came right before new Moto, comprised of three men and three women, beat the new six-male Ravu in the Immunity Challenge, leaving Ravu still winless after six episodes. Good thing Lisi joins the boys next week after a night on Exile Island. She might be the only one of the bunch who won’t put up with Rocky’s bull.

NEW TRIBES: Edgardo and Earl got to choose the new tribes, kind of like choosing sides for a backyard softball game. Earl chose Boo, Michelle, Cassandra, Yau-man and Stacy, while Edgardo chose Mookie, Alex, Rocky, Dreamz and Anthony.

Lisi, odd woman out, went to Exile Island and was promised to the tribe who lost Immunity. Her reaction? “I wouldn’t mind saying, great, guys, do your business.”

Edgardo won the rock-paper-scissors competition to get to draw for accomodations, and of course, he drew Ravu’s old slum.

CHALLENGES: After talking tough — and finally catching fish — Ravu attacked the Immunity Challenge with renewed spirit. Trouble was, it was the same old result. Probst had the tribe members attached to each other with a series of poles, and they had to work together to get through gates of various sizes WHILE coming in contact with the other team. Picture a Chinese Finger Puzzle/Twister kind of thing, and Moto won again.

VOTED OUT: Anthony. Or, as Edgardo said, “Rocky has a few screws loose in his head. Anthony’s his little bitch. I wouldn’t want him making the merger.”

Anthony tried to talk people into voting for Rocky, and some expressed interest — but Anthony’s righteous indignation act at Tribal Council wasn’t enough to overcome Rocky’s attack on his manhood. Prediction? Rocky’s next, guys, from that tribe, unless Lisi convinces the boys’ club she has to go.

GRADE: A. This episode was fun. Edgardo’s comment was hilarious about Rocky and Anthony, and Rocky made me want to bitch-slap his Boston head every time he opened his mouth. Anthony shouldn’t have tried the tough act — he can’t pull it off. I think maybe if he’d kept his mouth shut at Tribal Council while Rocky ranted, Rocky might have received a few more votes.

ANTHONY’S PARTING SHOT: “I’m a little pissed off. I’m a lot pissed off. I’m not what was wrong with that tribe. It was Mookie and James, and they’ll continue to lose until those guys are gone.”

PREVIEW: Lisi rejoins the all-male Ravu tribe, Yao-man searches for the hidden idol, and things get rough in the challenge on Thursday, March 29, when “Survivor” returns at its regular time.

— Stalked by Gary Moyers

Survivor March 16, 2007

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“Survivor” will air again at 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 21, when Jeff says “Drop your buffs,” and the tribes face a major shake-up.