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Dancing With the Stars Season Finale, May 22 May 23, 2007

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Monday on “Dancing With the Stars”: The remaining competitors — Laila Ali, Joey Fatone and Apolo Anton Ohno — performed a dance of the judges’ choice as well as a freestyle dance. At the end of the evening, Ohno had the most number of points with 58 of 60, followed by Fatone with 56 and Ali with 55.

Tuesday: In an interminable two-hour season finale, each star repeated a dance from earlier in the season. Ohno and partner Julianne Hough performed their goosebump-generating paso doble. Ali and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed the mambo. Fatone and partner Kym Johnson performed the “Star Wars Tango.” Ali and Fatone went out on proverbial limbs, as their dances did not receive perfect scores earlier in the season. All three duos predictably received perfect scores Tuesday.

Third place: Ali. She was the first one out Tuesday night, and took it, not so much gracefully, as wryly. She was entertaining in her departure.

Winner of Season 4: Ohno. He joins previous winners Kelly Monaco, Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith. It was a coin toss, really, for whom would win. Both Fatone and Ohno were fantastic. Ohno — “the athlete” — perhaps showed the greatest improvement throughout the season. Fatone — “the showman” — was a crowd-pleaser every time he took the stage. Somebody said Fatone received more standing ovations than anyone, ever, on “Dancing With the Stars.” I don’t remember who, mind you, because my mind had gone numb from all the montages.

Analysis and Grade: C-. The finale could have been done, and should have been done, in one hour. We all know by now, I believe, that “Dancing With the Stars” is a runaway hit, and has been since its inception in America during summer 2005. The neverending montages — the history of the show, the previous three season, interviews with the final three competitors, and so on, and so on, zzzzzz — were tedious, ultimately. I know it was for a big build-up to whom would win, but I still think the show should have been one hour.
End note: And if you really love dancing shows, “So You Think You Can Dance” begins 8 p.m. Thursday on FOX!

— Stalked by Jennifer Brummett


American Idol, May 22 May 23, 2007

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Last week: In a shocking turn of events, the odds-on favorite Melinda Doolittle was sent home after receiving the least amount of the 60 million votes cast.

Tuesday night: Correctly described by the judges as “The Great Singer versus The Great Performer,” Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis performed three songs apiece — their own personal favorite, one they hadn’t performed on the show, and the winner of “Idol’s” first-ever songwriting contest — in their last chance to win over viewers and become the next American Idol.

Round One

Blake singing, “You Give Love a Bad Name.” (Favorite previously performed)

Randy: Gave him a 10/10 for beat-boxing but thought the vocals were just “all right.”
Paula: Thought he outdid himself. Gave him a 10+ … or something.
Simon: Said he wasn’t the best singer in the competition but was the best performer.
My take: This was Blake’s best performance all season. Great version of the song, expertly executed.

Jordin with “Fighter.” (The song she hadn’t sang before)

Randy: Thought it was stellar.
Paula: Thought it was stellar. Seriously, she couldn’t come up with a different adjective from Randy’s.
Simon: Liked the song choice but thought the vocals were a bit shrieky. Gave Round one to Blake.
My take: Though she could’ve moved around a little bit, I really liked this performance. It had attitude.

Round Two

Blake doing “She will be loved” (Song never done before)

Randy: “Nice vocal.”
Paula: Most was unintelligible. I think somewhere she said, “sounded great.”
Simon: “A good, safe choice.”
My take: Ugh. That’s one of my favorite songs, and I thought Blake’s rendition was merely OK.

Jordin singing, “Broken Wing” (Favorite previously done)

Randy: “Flawless.”
Paula: said she was “soaring.”
Simon: “Now THAT was GOOD!”
My take: During country week, she nailed this song. Tonight, she topped the original recording.

Round Three

Both singers performed the winner of “Idol’s” songwriting contest, “This is My Now.”


Randy: thought it was “all right” but “not great.”
Paula: “Great job.”
Simon: Thought it was odd.
My take: I concur with Mr. Cowell. Blake was out of his comfort zone and didn’t make a lot of effort to adjust his style to the song. Sounded slightly off key.


Randy: Said she was easily “the best singer tonight.”
Paula: Called her “an angel,” and then promptly exited the Kodak theater on her spaceship.
Simon: Apologized to Jordin. Last week, he thought she wasn’t good enough to be in the final. This week, he realized he was “way wrong.” He said she “wiped the floor with Blake.”
My take: Wow. Her performance gave me chills that I had not gotten since LaKakisha’s way early performance of “And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going.” She was amazing.

The show closed with Chris Daughtry performing “Idol’s” exit anthem, “I’m Going Home.”

Episode grade: B+. A great showdown between two soon-to-be pop stars.

Prediction: Your American Idol is … Jordin Sparks.

— Stalked by Charlie Cox

24 Season Finale, May 21 May 22, 2007

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Previously on “24”

Morris covers a dead Milo’s head. The Chinese are taking Josh to Cheng while his hysterical mother begs them to leave him. They are about to shoot her to shut her up, but Jack tells them he can calm her down. Cheng’s men drag Josh through the sewer tunnel.

Cheng’s men split up the staff at CTU into two groups. They tell them they are not going to hurt them if they cooperate. They are going to put them in secure rooms.

Jack whispers to Nadia they need to make a move now or they will never get the component back. Jack, Nadia and Morris are at the back of the group. Jack attacks a guard, as does Nadia and Morris.

Doyle shows up. Jack tells Doyle they need to go after Josh and Cheng. Nadia tells Jack he is still under arrest. He tells her he knows the building better than anyone and can find where Cheng’s people are. She lets him go, but Doyle is in charge. Of course, Jack makes all the calls.

Cheng calls Phillip Bauer, Jack’s dad. He tells him he has Josh. Phillip wants to talk to Josh. He tells Josh he is sorry. Josh says, “Sorry you’re sorry.” Phillip says he wouldn’t hurt him, but Josh reminds him he told his mother if she didn’t do what he asked he would kill Josh. Phillip tells him that he wants to take him to China so they can make a fresh start. Cheng tells Josh he is taking him to his grandfather. Josh tells him that he does not want to go.

As they are leaving the garage, Jack comes up from the sewer and begins shooting at Cheng’s vehicle. Josh kicks Cheng and runs off. Jack corners Cheng and tells him to drop his weapon. Josh yells for help and as Jack looks for him, Cheng disappears. Jack tells Josh he will take him back to his mother.

Vice President Daniels is briefed by Karen Hayes that the Russians have moved their troops within striking distance. VP Daniels informs her of the situation with Lisa, including his relationship with her.

Lisa is forced to make love with Bishop so he doesn’t realize she is onto him. After they are finished, he asks why she is so distant. She says she is tired and goes into the bathroom. Bishop is about to upload the information from her PDA when he senses that something is not right.

He asks again what is going on and she snaps by breaking her wine glass over his head and then grabs the wine bottle and hits him with it. She tells him she knows he was spying on her to the Russians. Bishop grabs her by the throat. Lennox and the agents quickly run into her apartment. Lennox tells Bishop they have proof he has been spying for the Russians. He tells Bishop to upload the e-mails from Lisa’s PDA.

Cheng calls Phillip and tells him he lost Josh, that Jack got him. Phillip tells Cheng he failed to deliver his part of the bargain and he will not give him the repaired circuit board.

The staff at CTU are trying to get thing going again when a team from Division arrives.

VP Daniels sets up a teleconference with President Suvarov and tells him they have destroyed the circuit board. President Suvarov tells VP Daniels they were also watching Lisa’s apartment and saw the raid and know they planted the information. He tells Daniels he had two hours to find the circuit board.

Lennox returns to the White House and is about to enter the meeting with the VP when he receives a call from Phillip Bauer, who will give them the circuit board in exchange for Josh.

As Jack and Josh are about to head back to CTU, Doyle suddenly takes Josh and puts him on a helicopter. Jack tries to get to him, but CTU agents hold him back.

This Week on “24”

Doyle tells Josh his grandfather has something the country needs. They will go through the motions, but as soon as he (Doyle) gets what Phillip has, he will get him back. Doyle injects a tracking device in Josh so they can find him if his grandfather gets away with him.

Jack calls Chloe and asks why they are giving Josh to Phillip. She tells him Vice President Daniels made a deal with him in order to get the sub-circuit board back. Jack knows Phillip will not keep his word.

Jack calls Karen Hayes and tells her his father cannot be trusted. He begs her to do whatever she can to stop the trade of Josh and the sub-circuit board.

Karen tells Lennox about Jack’s call. He tells her he cannot go against the VP, but if she chooses to, he will not look her way. Karen calls Bill Buchanan. She fills him in on the situation with Josh and Phillip. She asks him to do whatever it takes to help get Josh back.

Doyle goes to the meeting place. Phillip tells Doyle to have CTU turn off the satellite feed. Phillip wants to talk to his grandson. Josh tells him that he hates him. So far, Phillip cannot see the tracking device Doyle injected in Josh.

Karen calls Nadia at CTU. She tells her that the vice president wants to know everyone is on board. She is to keep track of Jack and tells Nadia to give her the security code so she can track Jack’s transfer to CTU.

Bill runs the CTU vehicle carrying Jack off of the road. He approaches the vehicle and talks to the driver. While Bill is detaining the driver, Jack grabs the gun from the other agent and cuffs him to the vehicle steering wheel. He slowly gets out and points the gun at the driver. He cuffs him to the vehicle. Jack and Bill go after Josh.

Phillip calls Doyle. He instructs Josh and Doyle to head toward the water. Phillip’s henchmen arrive. They tell Doyle to hand over the boy. Doyle wants to see the sub-circuit board. He opens it up; it explodes in his face. Phillip’s men head for the watercraft to return Josh to his grandfather. Phillip instructs them to check Josh for a tracking device, which they find and short out the signal.

Jack and Bill show up as Josh is being taken away. They call for medical attention for Doyle. He also tells her the component was a fake.

Jack reports that Doyle’s injuries are not life threatening, but he will be blind in one or both eyes.

Jack says he thinks Phillip may be on an oil platform nearby. His father has shelter corporations that own oil properties. He tells CTU to look for platforms in a 10 mile radius.

Back at CTU, Chloe feels faint and finally collapses. (I think she is pregnant).

Josh arrives at Phillip’s location. Josh tells him he does not want to be with him.

CTU finds the oil rig Phillip and Josh are on. They report to VP Daniels. The Defense Secretary recommends to Daniels they should launch an air attack on the rig. Lennox tells Daniels Josh will be killed. Daniels tells Lennox many more will be killed if they do not recover or destroy the sub-circuit board.

Jack and Bill commandeer the helicopter. Bill offers to fly the chopper. Jack grabs the weapons and the two head for the oil rig. The F-18’s launched by the Navy lock their radar onto the target of the oil rig.

Josh hits his grandfather in the back of the head and takes his gun. He tells Phillip he is not going with him. Josh fires the gun at Phillip and hits him in the shoulder. Jack approaches and talks Josh out of the gun. He sends Josh to the helicopter. Bill takes off, while Josh is telling him to not leave his uncle. Bill tells him that he isn’t leaving him. Jack jumps onto the ladder from the helicopter. Bill flies off with Jack dangling on the ladder.

The F-18s launched the missiles and hit the platform.

As the chopper gets closer to the beach, Jack drops off of the ladder into the ocean. Josh and Bill go back to CTU. Josh wants to know why they are leaving Jack; Bill tells him Jack isn’t ready to go yet.

Morris checks in on Chloe, who announces that she collapsed because she is pregnant.

At the White House, Tom Lennox talks VP Daniels into letting Karen and Bill “retire.” VP Daniels agrees and Tom gives him the incriminating audio tape.

Back at CTU, Nadia asks about Jack and Bill tells her he didn’t want to be rescued. They will not find Jack unless he wants to be found.

Jack arrives at James Heller’s home, where Audrey is recovering. He asks Heller why he didn’t to get him out of China. He had the power to accomplish it.

Jack goes in to see Audrey, who is unconscious. He takes her hand and tells her he loves her. Jack leaves the house and walks to the edge of the Pacific Ocean. He stands staring out at the ocean.

Grade: A, but only because it “appears” Phillip Bauer is dead and the U.S> is saved.

This was the Season Finale!

— Stalked by Jill Sinkclear

Dancing With the Stars, May 21 May 22, 2007

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Previously on “Dancing With the Stars”: Ian Ziering was voted out of the competition, preventing two-time winner Cheryl Burke from threepeating.

Monday night: The three finalists — Laila Ali, Joey Fatone and Apolo Anton Ohno — performed a dance of the judges’ choice and a freestyle dance.

Mixed messages: The judges chose the paso doble for Ali, and she performed much better than she did the first time. Her freestyle was upbeat and jivey, with moves bringing to mind Michael Jackson. The judges all along have said they wanted her to break out, but Monday they told Ali sophistication and elegance were her winning qualities, and those were absent in the freestyle dance. Uh — hello? Mixed signals, anyone? Ali wound up with a 55 of 60 for the evening.

Oh yes! for Ohno: Ohno performed the rumba for the judges’ selection. Personally, I agreed with judge Len Goodman: It was too fast and hectic, and Ohno and partner Julianne Hough lacked any sense of romance in the dancing. The freestyle, on the other hand, was ab fab. It was a hip hop routine where Ohno included some breakdancing moves he learned — and they were capital. The dance was energetic and fun-loving, and Ohno deserved the perfect score he received. For the evening, his grand total was 58 of 60.

Fabulous Fatone: Actually, Fatone, didn’t start out so fabulous with the judges, who chose a cha cha for him. Partner Kym Johnson choreographed way too much razzle dazzle — Fatone’s trademark — in to the routine, which caused him to lose points. But the freestyle — ah, the freestyle. Fatone and Johnson performed a lively number that incorporated a lot of the moves he learned throughout the competition. Judge Bruno Tonioli called him “Mr. Entertainment.” Goodman said he wished he could give him a score higher than 10. For the evening, Fatone received 56 of 60.

Episode grade: A. It’s down to the wire, and tonight is the season finale. Everyone is bringing it the dance floor.

Prediction: Not. A. Clue. None. The competition is fierce. Everyone wants it badly. My fave has been Fatone from the beginning, but if he doesn’t back off some of the “razzle dazzle,” as it were, he’s going to lose.

Tonight: The competitors dance once more for the judges, and all votes are tallied to find the winner of the mirror ball trophy.

— Stalked by Jennifer Brummett

Desperate Housewives Season Finale, May 20 May 22, 2007

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May 20 episode: “Getting Married Today”

Cliffhanger: Or chairhanger. After Carlos learns Edie still is taking the pill and leaves her, the last scene shows Edie moving a chair into place, putting a scarf around her neck and her feet dangling in the air in a suicide attempt. Somehow I don’t see her leaving the show. She still has too many pots to stir.

Surprise No. 1: Bree’s bulging belly. The clever padding will keep her friends thinking she’s pregnant as she plots to raise the child of her pregnant daughter as her own.

Surprise No. 2: Susan and Mike tie the knot in an unplanned ceremony under the trees. Susan want to spare Mike the hassle and expense of a grand wedding. It’s a just-right moment for this golden couple.

Surprise No. 3: Gaby makes out with Carlos at her wedding after eavesdropping on Victor and his dad. Victor wants to run for governor and Gaby vows she won’t say her vows if that’s his plan. He convinces her it’s not, but he and his pop are itching for Victor to be guvner.

Surprise No. 4: Lynette’s mother arrives out of thin air to help care for her family during the cancer treatments. Lynette recalls her mother’s wild days from her childhood and tries to kick her mother out, but Mother stays planted.

Grade: A. Top-notch performances turned in by all the gals. Just hope Edie doesn’t die tragically.

— Stalked by Emily Toadvine

Entourage, May 20 May 22, 2007

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May 20th Episode: “The Prince’s Bride”

Lloyd calls to tell Drama the good announcements keep coming. Brett Ratner wants Drama in “Rush Hour 3.” Another good piece of news is Ari found a financial backer for “Medellin.”

Vince, E and Ari have lunch with Yair Marx, a foreign prince or possible drug dealer who resides in a palatial Beverly Hills mansion with his Eastern bloc wife, Nika. He has money to throw around and Ari intends to get it. At the meeting, Vince notices Nika giving him sex eyes, making him wholly uncomfortable. Later, Nika calls and asks Vince to meet her alone.

Drama arrives at the Ratner estate, where bikinied woman give neck massages and impromptu photo shoots take place on Harley motorcycles. Drama is in heaven. However, things go bad when Ratner’s assistant tells Drama he made a mistake. They misread the credits. They actually wanted Drama’s younger co-star, Tommy. But Drama refuses to leave until Ratner gives him a part in “Rush Hour 3.”

Turtle spends the day away from all this action. He sees an opportunity to spend some time with Kelly away from her over-protective father, Rufus. At lunch, Kelly tells Turtle he will have to make some changes if he wants to get with her. For starters, he has to lose his trademark ball cap. Later, while making out in the car, she demands he let her know his real name. But before he can answer, Rufus shows up and breaks up the action.

Vince drags E along to meet Nika so he won’t be tempted to have sex with her. The plan backfires when Nika sees through the ruse and accuses Vince of being a typical American scumbag.

Drama finally meets with Ratner and begs for a part in “Rush Hour 3.” He even offers to pay Ratner for the opportunity. Perhaps detecting the desperation of Drama, Ratner agrees to let him play the French bus driver. When he returns to the set of “Five Towns,” Drama tells Tommy he got him a part. Drama makes the younger actor agree to pay for the plane tickets.

Vince, E and Ari have dinner with the Marxes again, where Yair offers $60 million for “Medellin.” While the others head out to the garden for dessert, Vince hangs back with Yair. Yair says he knows what happened earlier with his wife. His wife’s happiness is the most important thing to him. “So, if you want this check to clear, Vince,” Yair says, “you’ll go up their and have sex with my wife like the superstar you are.”

Apparently, Vince gets to have his cake and eat it too.

Drama Quote of the Week: “What if I fly myself out, put myself up, and give you a little something? If I don’t deliver, you cut it. Or cut it anyway. As long as I’m on the call sheet and listed on IMDB, we’re all good. Such is my passion for movies.”

Ari Quote of the Week: “A prince, an arms dealer, a coke dealer — who knows? What I do know is $60 million to him is like lunch at the Ivy to you and me. That’s me and Vince, not you and me, E. Impressive, huh?”

Best Part: We almost got to hear Turtle’s real name, which is the show’s only mystery. The tease of the moment alone was worth the wait. The reveal could be classic, especially why he’s called Turtle.

Grade: Solid episode. Drama’s mini-adventure with Ratner was a highlight. Ratner played a huge tool, which he’s supposed to be in real life, and I think it was intentional irony. I didn’t care much for the Marxes and their storyline, but if it advances the plot of getting “Medellin” to the big screen, then I’m at least OK with it. B.

In Two Weeks: Nick Rubenstein comes back on board with $25 million for “Medellin.” Drama and Turtle search for an apartment. Vince and E consider a director for their film and Billy Walsh’s name comes up. Walsh is, of course the brash, slightly insane director of “Queen’s Boulevard,” a fictional movie from Season One.

— Stalked by David Carrier

Heroes Season Finale, May 21 May 22, 2007

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Last Week: Everything has led up to this, and we finally are about to find out what can stop an exploding man…

“How to Stop an Exploding Man” Recap

As we start off, everyone is wondering where Sylar has gone. Some want to stop him, but Nathan is prepared to let the tragedy happen. When Peter goes to Nathan for help, Claire runs off and finds her grandmother. Nathan knows there is nothing anyone can do to stop the bomb, and when Peter hears his brother’s thoughts, he runs out, only to collapse when Ted’s powers manifest.

Parkman, Suresh and Mr. Bennet try to convince Molly Walker to find Sylar. Right before she finds him, however, she gives a hint that there is someone much worse out there. Mr. Bennet and Parkman split up, each one with their own idea about how to stop Sylar.

Peter has a vision of his first meeting with Simone. In the flashback, he comforts her about her father’s impending death. It turns out Simone’s father, Charles, was working with Linderman and Mrs. Petrelli. Charles believes everyone is betting on the wrong brother, and Peter’s sense of hope will be a stronger force to save the world than Nathan’s clear leadership and strength. When Mrs. Petrelli leaves, Charles reveals he is aware of Peter’s presence.

Meanwhile, Sylar manages to capture Ando, but Hiro is able to rescue him. Later, Parkman shows up in the studio a little bit later, but Sylar has left and is now at Kirby Plaza. Hiro has transported Ando back to Japan, and he is prepared to face Sylar alone.

In one of the nearby buildings, Candice is disguised as Jessica and attacks Niki. It turns out Niki has Jessica’s super-strength, which she uses to stop Candice and save Micah. They meet up with DL, Suresh and Molly in the hallway, and the group escape from attacking agents.

In Peter’s vision, Charles explains Peter is good because he has the ability to love unconditionally. Mr. Bennet wakes Peter up, and they team up to save the city from Sylar. Mr. Bennet even reveals his name to Peter, Noah.

Parkman, Peter, Hiro, Niki — all attack Sylar in Kirby plaza, with Hiro striking the killing blow. But in the middle of the battle, Peter shows he is unable to control Ted’s powers. Claire takes her father’s gun, and prepares to shoot Peter. Suddenly, Nathan shows up and says the future is not written in stone. Nathan grabs his brother and the pair fly off into the atmosphere, where Peter explodes overhead, likely resulting in his brother’s death.

In the aftermath, Parkman’s survival is also uncertain, but Sylar seems to live for another day, as his body is missing next to an open manhole.

End of Volume One.

Volume Two: “Generations”

Just as it seems the season is finished, Hiro appears in medieval Japan, surrounded by samurai warriors carrying a banner bearing a recurring mark seen throughout season one. In the sky, a familiar eclipse occurs, and fade out.

This season had a good ending, but one that feels unsatisfying on some level. The build-up during the two previous episodes left a lot of high expectations for this finale, and in many ways it delivered. The acting was great, as it maintained the high quality that this show has maintained since it returned from the break. The special effects were also good — better than the rest of the episodes this season.

The best part of the whole episode was, of course, the union of the various heroes against Sylar. Everything this season led up to this fight, and it was satisfying. It was great to see Hiro be the one who stopped Sylar, but he did not have to become a killer to do so. And the final moments of the show hint at the exploration of super-powered people throughout history, which should be an interesting and different direction for the show.

As for the bad, it just all seemed a little too predictable. Unless the city was going to be left in ruin, the only other option would have been Peter flying off to explode. I was surprised he did not try it himself. I do not think either Peter or Nathan is dead. Nathan likely split off from Peter and flew away from the explosion, and Peter surely is not given up his ability to regenerate.

Nathan as a character has really taken off during the second half of this season, and it would be a shame to have a character with so much potential taken out of the series so soon. Hopefully, he will return sometime next season, possibly as a villain despite his redemptive actions this week.

Still, it was a strong season ending and one that delivered on everything it promised, but little else.

Grade: B+

— Stalked by Wilson Garrett

Desperate Housewives, May 13 May 18, 2007

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May 13 Episode: “What Would We Do Without You?”

Same plan, different man: Susan winds up popping the question before Mike can spit it out. She immediately call everyone involved in her wedding to tell them the wedding it on, just with a different groom.

Serving leftovers: Knowing Susan called off her wedding, Gaby decides to hold her wedding that day and steals all of Susan’s peeps and her ideas. Susan objects and they make up over wine and chocolates where they cook up the brilliant idea of having a double wedding.

In the morning it doesn’t sound that brilliant. Mike gets Susan off the hook by saying he doesn’t want to share the day. Victor objects, too, but only because the wedding is just a big media event and a chance for all eyes to be on him. He’s not looking like much of a Prince Charming these days.

A tumor: Just when you thought nothing else bad could happen, Lynette and Tom learn she may have lymphoma. During an argument, she fell out of bed and the X-rays showed the swelling.

Three’s not a crowd: Edie convinces Carlos to move in by saying they’ll have a baby, but it’s just a ploy to keep him around.

Grade: C. It just seemed kind of a bummer to know Gaby is getting ready to head into a bad marriage, Lynette can’t get a break and Edie is as cunning as ever. Too vicious.

Tonight’s episode: “Getting Married Today” — A double wedding for two desperate housewives, Bree and Orson Hodge return to Wisteria Lane, and Lynette’s estranged mother shows up on her doorstep.

— Stalked by Emily Toadvine

Grey’s Anatomy, Season Finale, May 17 May 18, 2007

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Last Week: Meredith struggles to take her intern exam after her father blames her for her stepmother’s death. Izzy lies to George to keep him from transferring hospitals when she claims she doesn’t love him. Callie decides she wants a baby as her fears of Izzy and George’s relationship grow. Cristina tries to focus on her exam while Burke pushes for wedding vows. Alex learns who Eva really is and McDreamy confronts what he wants from his relationship with Meredith.

“Didn’t We Almost Have it All”

This very appropriately-named season finale left all of the main characters seemingly feeling as though they truly almost had it all, only to lose something dear to them — while one character stands face-to-face with a second chance at having it all.

An “Axe”ident: Derek returns from his flirtatious encounter at Joe’s bar to learn the fourth mountain climber has been found and isn’t dead after all. While on his way to treat the climber — who was found with an axe in his head — Derek tells Meredith he met a girl and that she should be worried, not because he cheated because he didn’t but because flirting with this mystery brunette was the highlight of his week. He then throws himself into unraveling the mystery of what happened on the mountain.

The three original climbers claim the axe was unintentionally planted in their friend’s head as they all fell. But during surgery Derek discovers the axe’s wound is a clean cut and consistent with an intentional injury. It turns out one of the climbers axed his buddy to put him out of his misery.

Since the last few episodes have been packed with double entendres and hidden innuendo, we are left wondering if Derek is about to axe Meredith to put them out of their misery when he stops her on the way to the wedding. However, instead, he confesses she is the love of his life and though it hurts him immensely that she is always leaving him, he cannot end it because he’s in it for good. He instead begs her to put him out of his misery if she is not in it for keeps.

In true Meredith form, she won’t deal with this relationship and instead runs to push Cristina down the aisle.

Friends and Lovers: After listening to Burke’s heartfelt vows to Christina, Izzy decides love is too fleeting to throw it away and rushes to tell George she is in love with him despite her claims to the contrary last week. She explains he is her best friend and because she loves him she will support him and do whatever she can to make his marriage work if that is what he wants, but that she is also in love with him and hopes that he is in love with her, too.

George is unable to answer before the rest of the interns file in to change for Cristina’s wedding. Moments later, the intern exam results come in and everyone claims to have passed. But with an odd look on his face George quickly exits the room, promising to talk to Izzy at the wedding.

Baby, Baby: Callie confesses to George that despite never wanting to have kids, she is suddenly obsessed with the idea of becoming pregnant. At first reluctant, George agrees to try for a baby if that is what Callie really wants and the two waste no time as they get frisky in an on-call room.

Later, at the church, Callie seemingly can’t wait to rub it in Izzy’s face that it has been a day of emotional highs for her and George, as she was named Chief Resident and they began working on a family.

A Reason to Go: Throughout the day Webber meets with each candidate for Chief and reveals whether or not they are his pick. Sloan was the first to learn he was not the next Chief, followed by Burke.

When Addison’s number is called, she pleads with Webber to give her a reason to get up in the morning — to supply the central meaning in her life. She says she needs to be Chief so her life hasn’t been a mistake so far. Webber is unable to satisfy this wish as he explains that if she needs this job to make her life worthwhile, then she needs a different life. This is the perfect push that obviously will send her to L.A., as the “Grey’s” spin-off begins next season.

A Reason to Stay: Elsewhere in the hospital, it is Eva — or is it Rebecca? — who is looking for a reason to stay. Rebecca’s husband has come to take her and their new baby home. His reunion with Rebecca and holding his baby girl seem to make the husband suddenly aware of all that he had taken for granted before Rebecca left.

While her husband is out buying a car seat, Rebecca pleads with Alex to give her a reason to stay, saying she has every reason to go and she will but that she is more herself as Eva and with him than she has ever been as Rebecca with her husband. In typical Alex form, he pushes her away, telling her to stick with the “good guy.”

Later, at the wedding, Alex attempts to hit on Addison, who quickly pushes him away and scolds him for coming on to her when he clearly wants Rebecca. She advises him that life doesn’t give us infinite chances at happiness and Alex leaves the ceremony to go stop Rebecca — only her hospital room is, of course, empty when he arrives.

A Second Chance: After finding Adele bleeding on the bathroom floor, Webber learns she is pregnant and possibly suffering a miscarriage. Despite assuming the baby belongs to the mystery man he found Adele home with earlier in the season, Webber refuses to leave her side.

Adele tries to push him away but to no avail, as it is abundantly clear he still loves her. When she is rushed into emergency surgery, Webber is clearly on the verge of losing it and it seems he will when Addison comes out apologizing that she tried everything.

Fearing Addison is saying Adele has died Webber rushes to her side to find her alive. He offers to call the baby’s father for her but she refuses, explaining she had misjudged the father, fearing he would run if he found out but knowing now the father would stay by her side, even if she pushed him away.

Yes, it turns out Webber was the father and apparently there was never another man in Adele’s life. While dealing with this news and a possible reunion with his wife, Webber attempts to hand the reins over to Derek, who refuses them, saying he is not ready to be Chief. Derek insists Webber is the ideal candidate and that if he could do it all over again, he would do it differently. So, we are left wondering if the Chief will get a second chance at having it all.

Runaway Groom: After enduring a day of wedding preparations that included being forced to wear an heirloom choker because “she is now a Burke” and having all of her eyebrows plucked, Cristina goes to the church and becomes the beautiful bride Burke has dreamed she would be. Just before she walks down the aisle, however, she realizes that because she insisted on scrubbing in to regain a sense of self-pride, she has washed her vows off her hands and has no vows for the ceremony.

She turns to Meredith, who has been insisting all day that Cristina must go through with the wedding to prove “people like them” can end up happily ever after. Mer snaps her out of it and Christina turns to walk down the aisle.

In the meantime, Burke has come to see what the hold-up is, and despite Cristina’s insistence that she is ready, Burke tells her he can’t marry her because if he loved her and not the woman he hoped she would become, he would recognize she isn’t ready and he wouldn’t force her to do something she isn’t sure about.

Meredith breaks the news the wedding is finished to everyone, including Derek, who seems to think Cristina and Burke aren’t the only ones who are finished.

The Doctor is Out: After learning he did not pass his exam, George turns to Bailey for advice as she struggles with her own self-doubt after being passed over for Chief Resident (a story twist that makes no sense since Webber has already confessed he sees Miranda as Chief of Surgery one day). Bailey fears she has failed George in some way and he assures her he is the one who has failed her.

As he cleans out his locker, George meets the new class of interns. One intern in particular catches his eye and ours, as it is the very same brunette who hit on McDreamy in the bar. In the night’s biggest twist of fate, we learn after she introduces herself to George she is Meredith’s half-sister, Lexie Grey.

Grade: B –. A finale full of questions was delivered but these questions left us feeling none of our favorite characters would find happiness. Are things really over between McDreamy and Meredith? Where will George go? Has Alex finally let the tough front he puts up shut him out of true love? Has Izzy lost her best friend and the man of her dreams? And can Cristina handle the freedom she thought she longed for? Plus, what is it with Grey girls and Derek Shepherd?

— Stalked by Debbie Wagner and Krista Rinehart

American Idol, May 16 May 17, 2007

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Tuesday recap: The three remaining contestants sang three songs this time. They chose one, the judges chose one and the producers chose another for them. It was a great night for all of them. They each were deserving of their spot in the semi-finals, and put on a heck of a show.

Wednesday: Miss Doolittle’s time was up Wednesday night after 60 million votes were cast. By being the most consistent artist on the stage, she was repaid by getting sent home. She didn’t bat an eye, though. Don’t you cry for her, either. She will get snatched up so quick by a record company, it will make her head spin. She’s such a sweetie, and no one is more deserving of a contract.

They played recaps of the contestants’ home visits, and it was obvious they were overwhelmed. To be honest, the girls looked extremely overwhelmed. Blake looked like he was in his element completely. Jordin and Melinda both received their own day in their respective towns of Glendale, Ariz., and Nashville, Tenn. Melinda even had a street named after her in the city.

It was so in character for Melinda when she was performing her final song on the Idol stage. Blake and Jordin gave her flowers and, as she was singing, she gave them to the backup singers.

Elliott Yamin, a finalist from last season’s “Idol” performed. You remember Elliott, right? The crooked teeth, clean-cut hair, goofy grin. Well, forget everything you remember. He had the wild curly hair working, straightened teeth and a little flavor to his clothes. Maroon 5 also performed, which made my night.

I may not agree with the decision America made by sending Melinda home, but I understand it. I was perplexed at first, but I can see how it happened. She has nothing to worry about, though. Look at Jennifer Hudson. She was a third-place winner on “American Idol,” and now she’s an Oscar winner.

Episode grade: B. It was actually a pretty good results show for once.

Next time: Blake and Jordin go head-to-head for the title. I really have no clue who will take it now that Melinda is gone.

— Stalked by Stephanie Schell